FEIMUIZAI is a rapidly growing travel blog focused on empowering women to travel the world, providing useful travel tips, inspiration and advice. This blog is a trusted resource for travel tips and destination guides, and is interesting in presenting the best locations, attractions and accommodations. I have reviewed some other hotels in Malaysia and it helped them with their online presence. My website and page has a loyal following and a very engaged audience which can be attributed to my expertise in social media.

I am very outspoken, active, funny, humor person. I hate “limitations” as it always limit our creativity.

Beauty Geek | Trislynn is sucks in makeup. BUT, she is good in skin care, body care, hair care, etc. Whatever is good for body from head to toes, she knows it well :D

Travel Geek | I'm a nature lover. I love the sun, love the Sea, love the taste of sweat!! Scare of Height?! Scare of Dark?! NO WAY!!! If I could make a wish, I wish to visit all the Malaysia's Islands before I reach 35. Take a diving course and swim with those cute little underwater creatures .

Movie Geek | Horror movie, Comedy, Love story ..... Hmmm....I love watching horror movie. Like others girls, I hate being lonely. I enjoy the moment where I watch movie with friends in the cinema and we scream together. Wahahahhah!! 

Food Geek |  I love spicy food! No cili padi no syok!! Spicy food helps to improved circulation. Look at my body size and you know how much I can eat. 

Shopaholic | Sales sales!! Like to shopping. Whenever there's sales, gonna spend the whole day shopping just to buy those stuff with a cheaper price. 

Shutterbug  | Bring my DSRL to everywhere I go. Capture down all the precious moment which can get the second chance to see again. Not really a good photographer, but some of my photo did make you enjoy till the max. 

"I believe I can find someone who congenial to ME instead of focusing on MY imperfection!" 


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