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Saturday, June 24 Market St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

In case you never visit to Sydney, you can find ANY food in the town of Sydney. When I can ANY, I mean you can find any cuisine like Malaysia, China, Japanese, Korean, and Thailand cuisine in Sydney. This is the first time I visit to Sydney, I am amazed by the selection of food I have over here. From spicy to non-spicy, from rice to noodles. They just have anything you want!

After walking around, we decided to stop by at this Japanese restaurant which named Menya Noodle Bar. This restaurant just caught my attention as  it is a full house in the restaurant. Full house but not noisy. Seems like everyone is busy eating their meal, Now, I'm pretty sure their food is delicious since everyone is enjoying their meal. We're asked to wait for another 10 minutes before they get us a table. 

A Japanese staff greet and took order from us before bring us to our table. We decided to order their set menu. 3 dishes in 1 set, with affordable price. 

Menya Noodle Bar is located at the roadside of Market Street, Sydney. It is a very small restaurant with a open kitchen. The table setting is very crowded, not much space for walk. If you're dining in this restaurant, you may share be sharing dining table with others since the dining space is not big enough. 

Are you ready for delicious food? Scroll down for more!

Deluxe Ramen Set : Ramen + 4 pieces of Gyoza + Curry Bowl. A set menu that gonna keep you full for whole day!

This ramen ( Tori-gara Shoyu ) is so delicious! This dish just warm me up as Winter arrives. Beside the soft noodles, the tender, fatty and melt-in-mouth pork slices make me crazy. Oh ya! If you're craving for ramen eggs which are flavorful soft boiled eggs with custard like egg yolk, try this!

Gyoza is Japanese dumpling with crispy wings! It is juicy on the inside, crispy on the outside.

Curry Bowl, served with hot rice and pickled ginger. It is also less spicy which is suitable for children and whoever can't eat spicy. 

We ordered another Deluxe Set, but this time with Chanko Bowl. A rice bowl with chopped pork, eggs with deliciously soft-set yolk and bonito flakes as topping. 

Hunting for food in Sydney? Menya Noodle Bar is definitely a roadside restaurant that worth a visit.


  1. Ahh I love Japanese food like crazy!! thanks for sharing~~

  2. wah... wrong timing... seing this jap food can really make me so hungry.... -racheal foodilifecious

  3. wah... wrong timing... seing this jap food can really make me so hungry.... -racheal foodilifecious

  4. The Ramen looks yummy!! I love the Japanese dumpling the most!!

  5. juicy on the inside, crispy on the outside. Wish is PERFECT!

  6. Wow! U really enjoy taking Japanese food!

  7. The Deluxe Ramen looks tempting. Never knows Sydney also has delicious Japanese food.

  8. Look nice, is there any option for vegetarian?


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