Working Holiday In Australia : Picking Cherry Tomato In Bundaberg, Queensland

Sunday, September 17

Bundaberg is one of the place that full of job for backpackers and those with valid visa like working holiday visa. Picking tomato cherry is one of the easiest farm job you can ever try. Since I was travelling in Bundaberg, why not give it a try? 

This is how the farm look like every morning we reach the cherry tomato farm. Nice view and windy atmosphere. If you thought all of the tomatoes are grown underground, then you might need to think about it again. Cherry tomatoes are being tie to a stake so they can stay standing instead of growing on the ground. 

You might be thinking why are all the cherry tomatoes being tie up on the tomato cages.  These tomato cages offer supports for the bushes and semi-determinate tomatoes. Tomatoes will sprawl if there's no cages to support them. Without cages, the tomatoes themselves are more likely to sit on the ground and rot. Another reason of setting up the cages is the tomatoes are less likely to be damaged by sun scald due to large amounts of leafy cover.

With the full leaf cover, the soil will stay shaded. With a good layer of mulch, there will be more moisture to be retained, which helps prevent cracking of the tomatoes and blossom end rot. 

Cherry tomato is a rounded, miniature versions of traditional beefsteak tomatoes. The cherry tomato plant is one of the most popular plants to grow because it is easy to grow and produces a harvest quickly. The grow time of cherry tomatoes can be quicker or slower depending on the weather. 

Picking cherry tomato is easy. When they are red and orange you can pick them. The riper they are, the easier they are to pull off the plant. We need to fill up the whole bucket with cherry tomatoes, and each bucket of cherry tomato we're given AUD4! I'm only able to make 6 bucket a day, SHIT! 

If you're looking for working holiday job in Queensland, Australia? There are many job you can explore in Bundaberg! Let's come and try it yourself. ( You might find it hard too, who knows =D )

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