Travel In Australia : Shalom Sunday Market in Bundaberg, Queensland

Saturday, May 20

This is the first Sunday Market I visit when I was in Queensland. I spent almost 1 week in Bundaberg, one of the city in Queensland. Nothing much we can do in Bundaberg, especially during the weekend. Since Sunday market is one of the weekend activity that most of the Australian do, I decided to go for a walk.

The Sunday Markets at Shalom College are the biggest and best market in the area with stalls to explore for everyone. If you google on Shalom Market, they stated there will be 200 stores operate on that day (I don't think there are so many stores are operating on that day, or maybe I didn't visit every single stores). 

Sunday Market is definitely a good place to shopping. You can explore and find something which you might be able to find in a shopping mall or groceries stores. You can find locally grown fresh fruit and vegetables, cakes, honey, donuts, Asian groceries, plants, seedlings, cut flowers and gardening supplies. 

You can even find craft, jewelry, handbags, clothing, sunglasses, hats, books, toys, baby goods, and pet accessories with cheaper price. Cheaper price but everything is in good conditions. What i love about Sunday Market is that, everyone either the seller and the visitors, everyone is just so friendly. Spending my Sunday morning at the night market is one of the best thing I've did during my trip in Bundaberg.  

Anyone love collecting crystal and stone? You can find a bunch of crystal and stones with cheaper price. I was quite surprise as these crystal and stones are selling at very cheap price. The cheapest crystal might only cost AUD0.50! Can you imagine how excited am I after seeing all these beautiful and colourful stones and crystal? Well, at least i can't find crystal and stones with such a cheap price. 

Ah hak! If you still thinking on what to do in Bunbaberg, make sure you put this in your wishlist! It might not as excited as you expect, but at least you got yourself something to do on Sunday morning. Don't waste your time sleeping all the time! 

Shalom Market Address : 9 Fitzgerald Street, Bundaberg, Queensland 4670 Australia.

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