Tuesday, February 7

 Why does time seem to pass so quickly? While you think that the saddest thing you will probably face when you're on HCG treatment, Chinese New Year hit your door. I was on the 3rd week, unfortunately it is the Chinese New Year week as well. I told my mum not to cook ANY dishes, since I'm on diet. I need to slim down , and make sure I look pretty on these coming Chinese New Year. BUT STILL, I CHEATED!!! 

3 days ago, I went back for consultation. After talking to doctor, doctor allow me to eat on 1st and 2nd day of Chinese New Year. How can we not to eat during Chinese New year? Relatives are visiting , somemore there are so many gathering need to be attend. So kesian if we can only see people eat right? 

So, doctor is kind enough to allow me eat for two days. Now, since I'm eating, I'm do not do any injection. I postpone my injection to the 24th and 25th day. No point we still go for the injection if we eat. 

 Food is the cornerstone of the celebrations, especially during Chinese New Year. Let's take a look on what I've eat during the past Chinese New Year. Countless of Yee Sang. 

Certain dishes are eaten during the Chinese New Year. Siew Yok, fried fish, different type of chicken, abalone, various type pf vege, fried snacks, biscuits, cake, seafood.............. So many food in just 2 days. Imagine how many calories I have take!! 

This is exactly how I feel after  I cheat on the HCG Diet:

I feel an overwhelming sense of guilt. 
I'm ashamed of what I've done. 
I think that the entire diet is ruined. 
I think I'm are going to pack on a bunch of weight. 
I start wondering if I should just quit the diet and start all over.

Most people who use the HCG treatment end up cheating at some point or another. Even when things are going great people will still cheat. Now you wonder, is cheating on the HCG treatment really that big of a deal? 

What Might Happen After you Cheat

  1. If you’re lucky, nothing happens, no gains and no loss. Weight loss continues.
  2. Small gain the day after the cheat but continued weight loss the following days.
  3. You lose the day after the cheat but weight loss stalls the next day.
  4. You may or may not gain but your weight loss stall for several days.

I gained 2kg in 2 days!! If i do not cheat, I might be losing 8kg or more, but just because I cheated. I gained 2kg, and my weight stall for several days T.T I'm so sad! Told doctor about this and I need to go for GREEN APPLE DAYS! I can only eat 6 apples per day! no meat no vege... 

Another thing is, we need to drink a lot of water. Water helps flush out toxins, sodium, and even fat. So make sure you’re drinking enough. Don’t overdo though.

Many HCG dieters tend to think they can simply “burn the extra calories off” with exercise. While on the HCG diet, exercise is not recommended. In normal dieting, calories can be eliminated through exercise, but the HCG diet is different, and adding in exercise will be a disappointing experiment and often leads to extreme tiredness and fatigue as well as increased hunger, which coincidentally makes the probability of cheating again more likely.
Here's my update on 3rd week(last week) progress. I finished my 23 injections. The maintenance week will be start from next week onwards. Hopefully my weight will still go down and I'm still be pretty! HEHE!  

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