The disappointing, feeling discourage, no weight loss week! - HCG WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM (PART 4)

Tuesday, January 31

Halooooooo~ Here come my 2nd week update! As usual, wake up in the morning, have the injection and 500 calories per day. Nothing change and I'm not dare to take the risk to cheat! After 1 week of injection, I went back to Nexus Clinic for some doctor review. I was told to back to clinic every week (1 day), just in case anything happen doctor can give us some advice. 

For the 2nd week of HCG treatment, i lost only 1.5kg. Its like only 0.2 kg per day. Sometimes, the weight of my body doesn't go down. I start feeling scared and worried. This is the time i start feeling dissapointed and depress. I couldn't sleep well at night. I cried every night. "Did i eat something wrong?" , "Do i drive enough water?", "should i continue? Or just give up?"... I ask myself every night before i sleep.

If you're on HCG treatment, and you might encounter to this. THIS IS NORMAL AND YOU'RE FINE! You might lost a lot of weight on the first week, due to your body are reacting to the HCG injection (basically the hormone), when it comes to the 2nd week,  it started to react abit slow. 

This is the look after crying for whole night. 

There's 1 more thing i want to share with you. You might not loss as much weight as you expected ( Like what happened to me) but still, it's just not necessary to exercise to lose weight on the HCG diet. On the HCG diet it is completely possible to lose a significant amount of weight with very little exercise, or even without exercising at all. Light exercise such as walking and light biking is acceptable.Exercising vigorously while on the program often overate because of exercise-induced hunger, stalling weight loss or even leading to weight gain. Bare in mind, you only take 500 calories a day. If you burn more calories than what you take, you feel hungry even more faster!

This is the photo which taken on my second day of HCG treatment. 

And this is taken on 10th day of HCG treatment. Can you see any difference? My face is smaller, the dimples are more noticeable, and my neck! Jeeeeeeez! I am so happy with how I look now! Even my neighbor said I look younger now. Oh yeah!  

There's always up and down when you're on HCG treatment. The saddest moment is when your Birthday falls on the day you on HCG. Yet, I have a bunch of very supporting friends. Look what they got for me! THE CUSTOM MADE VEGE CAKE. Celebrate birthday with vege is special and memorable. LMAO! The cake is made with 3 hard boiled eggs, 1 type of vegetable , a handful of strawberries and some kiwi. 

At the end of the week, I lost only 1.5kg. BUT, i still lost fat on my back area, Now, you might not lost in terms of weight, you might lost in inches as well! 

Good Luck!

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