Thursday, December 22

Christmas is a time for giving, and nothing embodies the spirit of the season better than bringing joy to people in need. 

As part of its Grand Tour in Malaysia, mobile classifieds marketplace Carousell has partnered with 15 influential millennial Malaysians to create an exclusive collection of limited edition t-shirts. Ranging from whimsical unicorns to inspirational quotes like ‘your vibes attract your tribe’, these unique designs capture the creative and innovative spirit of local youth influencers including Sharifah Eleen, Luna Tasha, Kit Mah and Leslie Png, and reflect the hopes and dreams of this generation. 

Part of the proceeds will go towards a charity chosen by each local influencer, including the EcoCentric Transitions, AnimalCare, and The Nasi Lemak Project. The collection of the limited edition influencer designed shirts can be viewed on Carousell under the Influencers’ Special: Limited Edition T-Shirts Designs section. Only limited pieces are left!

Don’t be afraid to speak your mind. Or even better, show off your Malaysian cool with this statement t-shirt by Sharifah Eleen. Just don’t forget to hashtag #MWA and #Malaysianwithattitude when you’re snapping your next OOTD.

Pug it out and say it with style with this cute shirt designed by Jhia Wong. If the adorable pug in the front isn’t eye-catching enough, we guarantee the back of the shirt will be a head-turner. This quirky shirt is ideal for both guys and girls. 

An adorable reindeer face with a cheeky “sleigh-in-it” tagline at the back, this striking design is perfect for friends who love to laugh at life.

Invite your friends to embrace their magical creature within with this quirky shirt by Unikornudism. 

When it comes to besties, this t-shirt says it all. Share the love this Christmas by reminding them that whatever happens in 2017, you’re in it together. 

For the complete collection of exclusive Carousell t-shirts designed by influencers, just download the app and click on Influencers’ Special: Limited Edition T-Shirts Designs.

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