PABLO, The No.1 Cheese Tart from Japan is now in Malaysia!

Saturday, December 24

Pablo Cheese Tart is finally in Malaysia! Have you try it? Pablo is Japan's most popular freshly-baked cheese tart originated from Osaka. They finally open their first outlet in One Utama Shopping Center!

Cheese tart is one of the must try dessert if you ever visit to Pablo. If you wish to try something more than just a cheese, Pablo have many variety of dessert for you to choose from ice cream, drinks, biscuits and etc.

The original cheese tart. The no.1 cheese tart from Japan. The cheese tart you must try at least once i. Your life time! I really like a tart with crispy crust which matches the cheese filling so well. Surprisingly, crispy crust but not oily at all. With less than RM50, you get to this cheese tart, made from high quality ingredients, for me, it worth the price.

The original cheese tart is too large for you? Good news to all the small eater out there, Pablo do have mini cheese tart specially for you! 

Pablo Choco Crunch. It has a very sweet taste. With its extra sweet taste, it's definitely an excellent  sugary treats. the perfect snack to accompany you all day. 

Pablo Frute, using the 100% ingredient as the Original Cheese Tart. Which means, you're literally drinking a cheese tart into your stomach. Well, the taste is exactly same as how the cheese tart taste like, but the texture is totally a different story. Surprisingly, when it comes to drink, it doesn't taste to sweet and it's delicious! You want to "drink" a cheese tart? Yeah, why not!

In love with cookies that smell like cheese? You can find cookies in nice colour and tasty buttery texture from Pablo. These cookies literally melt in your mouth. They are also perfect for a afternoon tea. You know how good it tastes to drink your tea or coffee though a cookie? Get yourself a pack of Pablo cookies, you won't believe how perfect they are! 

If you're in One Utama, make sure you visit Pablo, The No,1 Cheese Tart you should ever try! 

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