My New Year Resolution 2017

Saturday, December 31

2016 is coming to the end soon. For the past year, I was overwhelmed by situations I cannot change and things I wish I could take back. I experience heartbreak, loss and fear, along with betrayal, jealousy and bad memories. But, life still goes on.  

I'm glad that I'm still alive. Enjoy my less than 4 hours sleeping each day, eat breakfast without brushing teeth, then sit right infront of the computer and start working. Almost spend 22 hours at home every single day. Working from home is one of my dream, i love my job... not so in love with it but still... love? Whatever! 

I decided to move to Australia in coming years. To study and to work. It's a tough decision for me, leaving my mum here while I travel to another country and start a new life. Things changed, people changed, as always. Now, its time for me to change and make a better new life for myself and my family. I believe, 2017 is going to be awesome. I've got myself a list of new year resolutions, hopefully achieved all of it before i turn 27 years old. 

Number 1. Lose Weight. (Hak! Even I myself laugh out loud when I'm typing this! LMAO) 

Number 2. Become more confident and take some chances.

Number 3. Earn more money.

Number 4. Learn to be happier with my life. 
Number 5. Get more quality sleep. (I'm gonna take more than 8 hours sleep! Say no to dark eye circles!)
Number 6. Travel more and see the world. 
Number 7. Become more social.
Number 8. Face my fear and insecurities.
Number 9. Go back to school. 
Number 10. Stop Procrastinating.

My plan

Only few of my friends know that I'm going to Australia. Hopefully everything go smooth. Will be travel to Australia on coming February. Will go for working holiday for 1 year. Exploring the beautiful country, definitely going to try some extreme outdoor activities before i turn 30. Bumpy jump, skydive, shotover jet boat, canyon swing and many many more. Can't wait! 

Then, take IELTS English test with British Council. Aiming for grade 7. It seems a bit tough, especially for me ( not so good in English ), still I'm gonna do my best for it. 

Lastly, find a job and register myself a course!

When will I back to Malaysia? Maybe a year later. Maybe 5 years later. Or maybe I will not coming back to Malaysia again. Who knows.

Work hard, play hard. 
2017 a better year, a better me. 

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