My New Year Resolution 2017

Saturday, December 31

2016 is coming to the end soon. For the past year, I was overwhelmed by situations I cannot change and things I wish I could take back. I experience heartbreak, loss and fear, along with betrayal, jealousy and bad memories. But, life still goes on.  

I'm glad that I'm still alive. Enjoy my less than 4 hours sleeping each day, eat breakfast without brushing teeth, then sit right infront of the computer and start working. Almost spend 22 hours at home every single day. Working from home is one of my dream, i love my job... not so in love with it but still... love? Whatever! 

PABLO, The No.1 Cheese Tart from Japan is now in Malaysia!

Saturday, December 24

Pablo Cheese Tart is finally in Malaysia! Have you try it? Pablo is Japan's most popular freshly-baked cheese tart originated from Osaka. They finally open their first outlet in One Utama Shopping Center!


Thursday, December 22

Christmas is a time for giving, and nothing embodies the spirit of the season better than bringing joy to people in need. 

As part of its Grand Tour in Malaysia, mobile classifieds marketplace Carousell has partnered with 15 influential millennial Malaysians to create an exclusive collection of limited edition t-shirts. Ranging from whimsical unicorns to inspirational quotes like ‘your vibes attract your tribe’, these unique designs capture the creative and innovative spirit of local youth influencers including Sharifah Eleen, Luna Tasha, Kit Mah and Leslie Png, and reflect the hopes and dreams of this generation. 

Part of the proceeds will go towards a charity chosen by each local influencer, including the EcoCentric Transitions, AnimalCare, and The Nasi Lemak Project. The collection of the limited edition influencer designed shirts can be viewed on Carousell under the Influencers’ Special: Limited Edition T-Shirts Designs section. Only limited pieces are left!

WARNING: Zombie Apocalypse Infecting Malaysia this December!

Friday, December 9

Prepare yourselves, your friends and your family for the most exhilarating game of zombie flag tag in the world!  Run For Your Lives will be making its return to Malaysia this 31 December 2016 at Taman Botani Negara, Shah Alam (Previously set at Taman Botani Putrajaya).

【2016】Yummy Yummy! 柬埔寨必尝美食:大麻披萨!! 是真的大麻!!

Thursday, December 8

对于一名食客来说,每去到一个国家就一定要试一试当地的食物。如果你问我,柬埔寨的美食有什么特色?好吃吗?会不会很贵? 我会回答你一个字:赞!柬埔寨的美食有很多,不管是甜品、小吃、主食等等,一大堆等着你去试。柬埔寨的美食结合了当地、泰国以及越南的特色。价钱方便大家可以不用太担心,真的不会贵,1USD 就可以让你吃到一餐了 ( 对于像我这么大吃的朋友,可能需要2USD, 吃双倍的分量啊! )

暹粒 Siem Reap 

强力强力推荐: 大麻披萨 又称 Happy Pizza + 超级便宜的啤酒! 来到暹粒, 就一定要试他们的大麻披萨。不要怀疑,就是那个大麻。所谓的 Happy Pizza 不过就是在披萨上面撒上大麻粉 (Marijuana),就这样而已。披萨的口味有很多种,基本上跟我们平时在披萨店看见的大同小异,有Hawaii Chiken、Sausage Pizza、Pepperoni Pizza、Tuna Pizza 等等。

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