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Wednesday, November 2

Taobao is a Chinese website for online shopping in China. Taobao is famous with their lower product price. Now, you can even buy from Taobao even when you’re not in China, which I think it’s pretty cool. I love online shopping site, Taobao is one of the shopping site I shop for the past few years. I love buying clothes, shoes, bags and lots of DIY stuff from Taobao.

Until recently, I found a new site which named ‘ezbuy’. ezbuy is a Singapore’s first and largest overseas shopping platform where they provide shopping service from China, Taiwan, USA for more than 500,000 Singaporeans, 50,000 Malaysians, Australians and Thai people. Which actually means, we can buy anything you want from oversea too (beside TaoBao), another site for you to spend and shopping! (Hurray for the girls and sorry for the credit card bills!)

What do ezbuy selling? Just like Taobao, they have huge selection of products for you. You may click here (http://bit.ly/2dU3q40) to take a look at there best selling product categories. In ezbuy, you can screen through all the products easily. From fashion to beauty products, household products and stationary. You can get almost everything from ezbuy.

There are something I been eyeing for quite sometime. I’m gonna order these right after i finish this post!

Concrete Desk Lamp (https://goo.gl/A6WTOu)
Concrete is, believe it or not, a very versatile material. This desk lamp is so beautiful especially the one with start shape light bulb! Desk lamp is very important, it is such a small detail of your room, which means so much for your eyes and brains.

 Wooden Stationery Organiser (https://goo.gl/ZCIFEq)
Besides helping to reduce stress at work, having a neatly organized desk would also help you leave a professional or favorable impression on your boss or clients. I love wooden organizer.  This is a simple yet elegant wooden holder for those who usually have messy cords lying all over the desk. You can use to keep things like your phone, stationery, notes, and a roll of adhesive tape.

Ring Tassel Foldover clutch (https://goo.gl/ttzxBC)
This clutch can easily fit a cell phone, wallet, compact mirror, lip gloss, and a pack of gum. Conveniently, you can spend the night hands free with the silver chain that is included.

I personally think that, ezbuy is BETTER than TAOBAO. Why?

Since we buy from overseas, we wanted to make sure that our purchase is always safe and always get the latest update on the delivery status. Taobao do not provide local customer service. ezbuy provide products related, after-sale issues & all general enquiries. You can send them an email, give them a call, online chat, and you can even visit them at their office.

Next, if you’re buying sensitive product from Taobao like food, battery, liquid, powder, medicine, live animal, valuables and so on, you might be facing some difficulties on delivery them to Malaysia. BUT, if you’re buying these item from ezbuy, you will not facing this issue. 

 What makes a girl crazy over online shopping? You got it right! Sales makes us crazy. In ezbuy, there are different kind of sales and promotion for different type types of products. Why spend more when you can actually spend less? ezbuy is definitely suitable for those who look for a budget haul.

ezbuy has the lowest shipping fees and no agent fees added! If you’re a fan of Taobao, then you know Taobao is actually charging a high rate on the shipping fees. ezbuy Is having cheapest shipping rate in town, which only cost RM4.50/500g. Now you can buy without worry about the delivery fees. 

Prime service is the BEST thing I’ve ever seen on a shopping site! ezbuy Prime is a subscribed membership programme that enables ezbuy customers to enjoy exclusive benefits like flat shiping fees, 50% off normal agent fee , and Priority access to USA time sales. Register as prime member now and shop millions of global products from ezbuy Prime page and ship at a flat international shipping fee of RM8.80 per check out, regardless of the item’s weight or sizes. Click here to choose your product :http://bit.ly/2dGydUd.

I’m really appreciate for your time. If you never heard about ezbuy and you want to try for the first time, I got exciting news for you! Key in “ezsp15” to get 15% off shipping fee. For new user, register and get yourself a RM15 ezbuy Voucher. Click here to register : http://bit.ly/2duJ6Id

Happy shopping guys!

HOTLINE: +603-27803898
Monday - Friday: 10:00am to 6:00pm.
Saturday: 10:00am to 2:00pm (Sunday& Public Holiday close)

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