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Tuesday, October 18

Pure Caffe Tea a brand focusing on delivering highest quality coffees experiences to client, allowing them to enjoy the highest quality coffees and tea! Pure Caffe Tea is energetic, fun, vibrant and full of life.  The provide coffee powder, coffee capsule , tea capsule and the coffee machine as well! 

Everything is important from Italy, so they are high quality and safe. Why spend more on coffee, when you can actually get a cheaper one. They still taste the same. Who say you can only get beautiful coffee art in cafe? You can now get your desire coffee art by home learning! Save money and time! 

24SEVEN Coffee Bean, combination of 70% Arabica , 30% Robusta. 
Origin of Beans : Brazil, Columbia, Ethiopia, India, Guatemala
Taste Character : Smooth, Delicate

ARABICA 100 Coffee Bean, combination of 100% Arabica
Origin of Beans : Columbia, Ethiopia, Santos
Taste Character : Fragrant, Smooth, Aromatic

NERO Coffee Bean, combination of 30% Arabica , 70% Robusta. 
Origin of Beans : Togo, Uganda, India, Guatemala, Brazil, Columbia, Ethiopia
Taste Character : Fragrant, Smooth, Aromatic

NOLIMITS Coffee Bean, combination of 50% Arabica , 50% Robusta. 
Origin of Beans : Togo, Uganda, India, Guatemala, Brazil, Columbia, Ethiopia
Taste Character : Fragrant, Smooth, Aromatic

Green Tea is the least processed and a powerful antioxidant. Drinking green tea is refreshing and above all is good for your health. Ingredient : Green Tea. 

It is a robust full-body tea with light floral undertones. When blended with milk, it produces a comforting aroma. Ingredient : Black Tea. 

Peppermint has menthol, as it's active ingredients. Peppermint tea is a very soothing, delicious tea that refresh both body and your spirit. Ingredient : Peppermint. 

Bad day in the office, nothing going right! Perhaps it's time to take a break and relax with a hot cup of Camomile tea. Ingredient : Camomile. 

With its thirst-quenching and refreshing characteristics, Lemon tea is appreciated both in winter and summer. An all time classic. Ingredient : Black Tea, Lemon. 

A typically British beverage that nearly everyone has heard of. Early Grey tea is a unique black tea that has been treated with a touch of oil from the bergamot orange. Ingredient : Black tea blend. 

They are two types pf machine : Italy full automatic beans coffee machine and  Italy fully automatic capsule coffee and tea machine. 

By just a push of a button, you can make the perfect cup of Italian coffee & tea. With their original coffee beans, tea leaf, capsule and machine, anyone can make the perfect coffee, cappuccino and tea, cup after cup just as a skilled barista. They are specially designed to wnchance the aroma, crema and flavor of our coffees & tea, creating the perfect cup every time. 

You can now, enjoy these coffee machine with RM0.00 rental fees. You got it right, you just need tto pay for the powder and capsule. Interesting right? By renting these machine, you will get free service for the every month. Pure Caffe Tea will visit to your place and do some cleaning on your machine. 
Wanna get yourself amazing prizes? Join Latte Art Photo Contest now! All you need to do is take a photo of latte art and picture comment on Pure Caffe Tea Facebook page! 
Who knows, you might be the lucky winner!

Good Night. 

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