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Shell is celebrating its 125th year anniversary in Malaysia this year with an art project, called Celebrating 125 Years.  The project involves 8 artists producing 15 murals at selected Shell stations nationwide, capturing each artists’ own interpretation of progress and the Malaysian pioneering spirit. The artists who are part of this project include Datuk Lat, Cheeming Boey, Sabek, Yap Hanzhen, Amey Sheikh Ali, Caryn Koh, Thomas Powell and Dmojo.

Here are the list of Shell stations with the murals in KL/Selangor.
The Kampung Boy
Dreams are powerful – they drive us to imagine the unthinkable and go beyond our normal limits. As a young boy living in the kampung, Lat was guided by his dreams, which included imaginary flights with friends and family in homemade box carts. This mural brings to life one of Lat’s many dreams, a nostalgic memory to illustrate the progressiveness of youth.

About The Artist
Datuk Mohammad Nor Khalid, better known as Lat, is Malaysia's well-loved cartoonist. He is most renowned for his work, the Kampung Boy, which has been published in several countries around the world. Lat is also the winner of the Fukuoka Asian Culture Prize in 2002, and he has published more than 20 volumes of cartoons dating back to when he was 13 years old. His work centres on everyday scenes in Malaysia, portraying them in a comedic light.

Location : Icon Tezz Enterprise Shell Jalan Tun Razak Kuala Lumpur

As a person living with autism, Hanzhen has always been intrigued by numbers. This mural chronicles the progression of Malaysia’s development over 125 years, since Shell first began operations in the country. Beginning with the first oil well to be discovered in Sarawak in 1891, the Grand Old Lady of Miri, Hanzhen illustrates some of the key landmarks that dot Malaysia’s skyline today, including the Kuala Lumpur Railway Station (1910), the Malaysian Houses of Parliament (1963), Menara Kuala Lumpur (1995), and the PETRONAS Twin Towers (1996). At the end of the timeline, Menara Shell is featured, being the headquarters to more than thousands of Shell employees nationwide.

About The Artist
Diagnosed with autism at the age of 2, Yap Hanzhen is a talented artist with a photographic memory. He is best known for his intricate, detailed pencil sketches. To date, Hanzhen has held over 36 exhibitions across Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Korea and China, and he has also published four books featuring his art on historical buildings, biodiversity, as well as animals.

Location : Icon Oil Ehsan Station Sdn Bhd, Shell Plus Highway, Jalan Duta Klang Bound, Kuala Lumpur

Art Spirit
Imagination is one of the most remarkable powers of the mind, and perhaps the most picturesque of all. In this mural the artist captures the spirit of imagination through the use of vivid colours and patterns. A schoolgirl, representing the younger generation, is depicted casually splashing paint across the wall. Traditional motives dot the mural's fringes, representing the diversity of Malaysian culture.

The artist hopes to highlight the importance of experimentation in cultivating the imagination of our youth. By allowing them the freedom to express themselves in their own unique way, either through art or by other means, society's next generation of leaders will be better equipped in driving the nation forward.

Viewers are invited to “paint” alongside the schoolgirl by holding onto the second paint brush.

About The Artist
Koh Hooi San, or Caryn for short, is a Fine Arts major from Dasein Art Academy, Kuala Lumpur. She is known for her #sekolahseries, which are sketches of school children in a variety of situations. As an artist, Caryn primarily focuses on raw human emotions, as well as peoples’ deep reactions to adverse events. She relies on symbolism to deliver her messages.

Location : Icon Dziyalite Resources, Shell KESAS Highway, Kinrara R&R East Bound, Kuala Lumpur
Besides KL, we have more murals all over the Malaysia. Want to know more? Head to : http://geometry.my/2016/shell/year125/murals.html

Shell will be organising a two-week photo contest called “Our Canvas, Your Story” to spread awareness on the murals, and engage Malaysians to generate conversations. The contest will take place for a period of 2 weeks, from 5 September to 18 September 2016. 
Want to win RM500 free fuel?
1. Take a photo with any of our #ShellKita murals. Be as creative as you can! 2. Tag at least 2 friends and describe in the caption how the mural inspires you. 3. Upload your photo to Instagram with the hashtag #ShellKita. Ensure your account is public. 4. Winners will be notified by @igersmalaysia.
Contest ends 18 September 2016, so upload your most creative photo soon! Click here to locate your nearest #ShellKita mural. For the complete list of the Shell stations, head over to www.shell.com.my/murals


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