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Chinese around the world celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival on the 15th day of the 8 months on their lunar calender. This year Mid-Autumn Festival falls on Sept 30th. The Mid-Autumn is a popular harvest festival celebrated by Chinese people. Mooncake is one of the must have on this festive day! This time, let's try something new and fruity! 

CASAHANA is key brand under HYT Food Industries that specialises in oriental pastries, mooncakes for the Mid-Autumn Festival and Chinese weddings, newborn full moon celebration and special occasion gift packs. From the manufacturing process to packaging, they make constant inspections to meet the high quality they have built company's reputation on. Each of thei8r product packaging carries the 'Halal' certification, which is a total quality concept that is instantly recognised by both the Muslims and non-Muslims worldwide. 

Looking for pick and mix mooncakes? CASAHANA provides 15+ types of mooncakes for you to pick and choose. Each of the mooncakes have their own unique designation, color and taste! As seen as above, this box is available in 2 colours, pink and red.  You may pick and mix any four choices of mooncakes.

FOR TRADITIONAL FLAVOUR : Pure Lotus, Pure Lotus 1 Yolk, LOw Sugar White Lotus 1 Yolk, Red Bean, Mixed Nut, Pandan Delight
CONTEMPORARY FLAVOUR : Green Tea Milk, Nutty Misu, German Black Forest, Black Sesame Gold, Musang King
BEST SELLERS : Violet Harmony, Green Tea Apricot, Scarlet Snow, Blue Danube
NEW RELEASES : Hana Kisses, Tropical Emerald

What do I have in my box? There are Low Sugar White Lotus 1 yolk, Pandan Delight, and two of their new products Hana Kisses and Tropical Emerald. CASAHANA mooncakes looks beautiful and so tempting. Not all mooncakes are in round shape, CASAHANA IS BEING SO CREATIVE by coming out with such creative idea, making mooncakes in different shape. 

Introduce you the first new release moon cake of the year! This is Tropical Emerald. A creamy white soft crust blending with the ever popular Pandan and coconut makes Tropical Emerald on unforgettable delight. Love snow skin mooncakes? You should try this. 

The snow skin is smooth, soft and not too sweet. The pandan and coconut  paste has a soft, light aromatic scent. The smell, taste and colour of both coconut and pandan are very unique, that you hardly find any other things to replace them. Enjoy the pandan scent fills your mouth after each bite of the delicious Tropical Emerald mooncake. 

Another new release of the year, Hana Kisses. Celebrate Love, try Hana Kisses for a surprising treat of Apricot and Baked Taro. Apricots are sweet and tart, juicy. The apricot has a unique skin, which preserves the life giving energy, vitamins etc. as well as fabulous taste and smell of apricot for a long time. If pandan is not your cup of tea. Then this beautiful rose shaped mooncakes apricot paste promises to be a healthier alternative for those who want mooncakes with fruity  flavor.

Dried apricot paste tastes of delicious dried apricot and melts in one's mouth. If you like apricot you definitely need to try this! 

Here come the traditional mooncake. Just like other traditional baked mooncakes, CASAHANA TRADITIONAL MOONCAKE  never go out of style and they have a soft thin golden brown crust with a stamped out pattern on the top. 

 (TOP) Pandan delight mooncake. A delightful fragrant pandan paste filled with a single salted yolk.  Love pandan? Here's another type of mooncake for you! Pandan is widely use my Malaysian in cooking. So if you're looking for something with pandan, this is it! 

Let's relish the richness of our traditional lotus paste, filled with a single salted yolk.  Now, you don't need to feel guilty about indulging in a spot of Mid-Autumn Festival anymore. This is the low-sugar baked mooncake which highly recommended to elderly. 

Where can you buy?

KLANG VALLEY : Leisur Mall, Pavilion, KL Festival Mall, Setia City Mall
JOHOR BAHRU : KSL City, CitySquare,Setia City Mall
MALACCA : Dataran Pahlawan
PERAK : Ipoh Parade
PENANG : Sunway Carnival

The combination offered are subject to change based on product availability. 

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