Tuesday, August 23

Annyeong! Another day with Korean BBQ again. This time, I'm going to introduce one of the must try Korean BBQ in Damansara Uotown —— BBQ Ma Eul Cup Bab! Finding a korean restaurant in Damansara area easy, but to look for the good one, it may takes you some times.  

BBQ Ma Eul Cup Bab, a korean restaurant own by a Korean business man. You can taste authentic korean food from here. Simple and clean interior, with bright lightning, make you feel like a korean. If you looking for a korean restaurant with casual environment and great korean food, this is where you should visit to! 

What's your favorite thing about Korean BBQ? I love the way they enjoy the BBQ. Ssam are given to pair with meat. At BBQ Ma Eul Cup Bab, they serve quite a lot of ssam. Ssam is the leaf vegetables which are used to wrap a piece of bite-size meat.

Korean Spicy rice ball is actually a Korean snack rice balls, I love spicy rice ball, especially when I can put my hand down and roll the rice ball myself. Roll the rice ball into any shape and size. Then , put it on the pan to girll. Girll until the outer later of the rice ball is cripsy, then you may enjoy teh rice ball with meat or kimchi stew! 

Spicy Soft Tofu Stew, want to have something hot and spicy on raining day? Order this. Not too spicy.  It's hot, spicy, filling, comforting, delicious, soft tofu stew. Spicy Soft Tofu Stew is always served in a clay pot because it retains heat like a champ, staying piping hot well into the meal.

Baby squid are popular ingredients in Korea. If you love eating squid, this is another must try in BBQ Ma Eul Cup Bab. This grilled baby squid please both the eyes and the palate. They are super fresh and chewy! 

This savory Seafood Pancake is very filling. Look simple but taste so good! Eat this with the special sauce, nom nom! Pancake can never gone wrong especially when you enjoy it in a Korean Restaurant! 

Have you ever had soup on ice? Buckwheat Noodle Soup (COLD), this Korean icy cold noodles is the best ice noodles I've had so far!  The noodles are so chewy and it is so refreshing. Looking for meal on hot afternoon, it would be great! 

If you're searching for affordable BBQ SET, BBQ Ma Eul Cup Bab do have that! 
Set 1 (RM59.00): comes with sliced pork belly, pork shoulder, grilled chicken or spicy rice balls.
Set 2 (RM79): comes with sliced pork belly, pork ribs marinated in soy sauce, spicy grilled pork belly, kimchi stew.

What else do they have? Beef ribs marinated in special soy sauce, Sliced pork belly, Spicy grilled pork belly, Pork shoulder, Pork ribs marinated in special sauce, Pork shoulder, Pork skirt meat, Grilled baby octopus, Grilled shrimp, Grilled duck. 

Here's the BEST PART Top-up with melted cheese for more creaminess over the meats.

There are four types of cocktail soju available here : blueberry, pomegranate, citron, and grapefruit. Wanna take your first sip of soju? Let's begin with something sweet and not to strong! 

Ginseng Makkeolli (left), or traditional rice wine. If you never try any rice wine before, I suggest you to take it slowly. It taste a bit strong, and might not suitable for those who never try it before. Makkeolli (right), Korean oldest wine. with a little of sweetness. It is a type of Korean liquor made from fermented rice and that's why it comes with a milky hue.

Pegasus Florist,best site to get your naturally dried lavender.

Sunday, August 21

Every girl loves flowers, so do I. I love Lavender, Hydrangeas, Daisy and Carnation. I use to put flower in my workplace and in my room. Flowers help to chase away anxieties, worries and the blues at home. Flower is a must for home decoration. 

Its been awhile since I last receive a flower from somebody. Few days back, I received a naturally dried lavender from Pegasus Florist. Naturally dried lavender  is considered something very new in Malaysia. 

Pegasus Florist, is an online revolutionary florist that specialize in the naturally dried lavender. They provide products range from lavender bunch, bouquet, arrangement, to handmade accessories, lavender bridal series and many many more. 

This product consists of 100pcs of naturally dried lavender. Perfect choice as gift, home deco & wedding. It is advisable to put them in a dry & ventilated place. Avoid humid area as bugs and mold love a humid home. The most important part is, never wet the lavender. 

There's a mixture of mature & young lavender in the bunch, mature lavender has long flowers (a.k.a. spike) while young lavender has shorter spike, as their growth rate are not the same.

As you can see, there are some lavender buds can be seen. No worries, it is normal to have some lavender buds. What to do with these buds? You may use them as the scented bag to ensure zero wastage! Gently squeeze the bag if you prefer a stronger scent. 

Stem in different length. All these are natural flowers. Generally, they range from 20cm+ to 40cm+. Pegasus Florist do not cut the stem into equal length so that we decide the length they prefer and trim them accordingly. This is good for those who love doing DIY. 

No artificial fragrance is added in these naturally dried lavender bunch. The scent is purely natural and mild, unlike the intense artificial fragrance that may cause discomfort such as dizziness & nausea to certain user. Natural lavender aroma can last up to 1 year, interesting right?

You may not smell them all the time. Just gently crush the buds with your fingers & you will smell the refreshing lavender scent again. You may feel slightly oily on your fingers when you crush the buds, this will release their natural lavender essential oil with refreshing scent. 

Whether you want to surprise your mother, grandmother, girlfriend, wife or teacher for a birthday, or just because, quality time together trumps material gifts every time. Flowers have always been a top gift choice for any occasion. Why not choose naturally dried flower from Pegasus Florist. They do provide delivery to whole Malaysia (via courier).

Email : pegasusflorist@gmail.com
Address: Lot 2.13A, South City Plaza, Persiaran Serdang Perdana, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor.

A Modern Way To Enjoy Vegetarian Food only at BMS Cafe Puchong

Thursday, August 18

If you're a vegetarian, or are tempted to cut back on the meat, or if you're looking for healthy meals, we got something new for you! A newly open BMS Organics Vegetarian Café at Puchong, is mainly on rich and varied character of Malaysian cuisine, in a unique volume offering various authentic dishes that reflect an incredible range of the Eastern and Western cultural influences.

The cafe design is different from the other. It is more westernised, simple and clean design. 
It’s modern and it’s elegant but, more important than that, it has that typical warm and cozy interior that is, at the same time, unique and original. This cafe has a large dining area. This place is definitely suitable for student, family and anyone who wanna spend their day with healthy meal. 

BMS Organics Vegetarian Café is advocated in promoting natural and organic food that not only will impress the diners’ palates of different age groups but leading them to enjoy healthy vegetarian cuisines. There are diverse and creative cuisines for selection such as fried brown rice, pumpkin fried brown rice, Mongolian chicken, curry mixed vegetables, salad tasty tofu, honey mushroom and other vegetarian dishes. 

We were given a complimentary of 2 organic spirulina (each person) and a small cup of ginger tea which will aid your digestion! Make sure you drink the ginger tea, it taste so good! Compare with others ginger tea, this ginger tea does not  has a strong spicy and invigorating taste. Never try ginger tea before? This might be the chance for you to fall in love with ginger tea!

Garden Teppanyaki Feast
Coconut oil is used with the organic herbs and spices made sambal. The pumpkin rendang campletes the makeover. A simple dish that taste incredible good. If you love cabbage, you should try this! The cabbage is so crunchy and with adding in some carrot , it looks so colorful! 

BMS Soy Milk Curry Laksa Handmade Noodles
Lovely laksa! Curry laksa can be seen everywhere in Malaysia. Not too spicy, suitable for kids and also older adults and elderly. 

Spicy Okra
If you like okra, try this.  Even folks who usually don't like okra enjoy the taste and texture of this highly seasoned dish. 

BMS Signature Nasi Lemak
Almost all the Malaysian love Nasi Lemak, Malaysian nasi lemak is the definitely of heavenly food. In BMS, you still can eat the delicious nasi lemak even they cook it in different way. Coconut oil is used with organic herbs and spices made sambal. The pumpkin rendang completes the makeover. 

BMS Summer Grain Quinoa
Quinoa is gluten free and consider easy to digest. It is also high in calcium, helps to strengthen bone and teeth density. This is a healthy meal everyone should ever taste!

Savoury Asam Laksa
Spicy and sour taste noodles. It has a very appetizing look and it taste so good! Wanted to try something spicy? Try this! 

Five Colours Energy Chinese Ulam Rice (Hakka Lei Cha)
Be Lohas has a very special Lei Cha. They have 5 different colours of organic vegetables as a solid base for the total nutrition boost. I know a lot people out there don't like lei cha. Each of the ingredient contribute a health benefit, texture, and taste which makes the lei cha so unique! 

Fresh Veggie Tuna Loaf
Toast bread and slice banana. The toast is crispy golden, add on some yellowish banana slices, the dessert look so beautiful and taste so sweet. 

Fresh Tropical Rojak

Sweet Potato Crunch

Nana's Peanut Butter Toast
Toast bread and slice banana. The toast is crispy golden, add on some yellowish banana slices, the dessert look so beautiful and taste so sweet. 

Jackfruitinous Rice

Double-boiled Sweet Pear Delight
A completely nourishing traditional Chinese dessert of double boiled sweet pear and snow fungus, warms the heart and tummy.

Sweet Potato and White Fungus Delight
A purple color dessert that taste so sweet, even children love this! Its sweetness symbolises sweet blessings. 

Pumpkin Barley Delight
Pumpkin is good for the heart, makes for a low-calories yet satisfyingly-delicious dessert. Here, we've added barley to the mix for a flavour and nutrition juzz up.

Let’s get a taste of life from the bottom of your heart with the cooking in less oil and salt but fresh ingredients.

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