Iphone 6s+ Phone Casing from Wakase ( Amazon Shopping )

Saturday, July 2

After using Samsung for number of years, I decided to change to Iphone. I heard so many good things about Iphone, then I think why not I get myself an Iphone. Tadaa...here's mine Iphone 6s Plus. One of the reason to get myself a iphone is, those beautiful and cute Iphone Casing. Beside Iphone, there are so much little of nice phone casing we can get from anywhere! Racist huh?

So, I came across to Amazon, trying to find something special for my phone. Been spending so much of Iphone, I really hope there's a phone casing which can protect my phone from any "accident"! 

Wakase, one of the seller in Amazon! There selling many types of phone casing. All of them are in unique design and texture. Wakase has a very high reputation online. After spending so much time in choosing the phone case, I finally decided to get myself a lace phone casing.  

This phone case has a very soft and smooth surface. You will definitely in  love with it! Another thing is, the thickness of the phone casing, not too thick yet it still give a very good protection for my Iphone. Especially at the corner of my Iphone. 

The quality is good. It cutting is awesome and accurate compare to those we get from night market. It make sure we not need to take the casing off when we're charging our phone! This is the part i like the most!

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