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Saturday, July 2

We expose our skin , to the sun, to the air, and we can't make sure we covered every single inch of our skin to get rid from any danger. Skin is the largest organ human have. That's why we need to take a good care of our skin! 

We use to apply body cream, body lotion with different skin of function like : moisturizing, after sun care, sunscreen, whitening, whitening and so many more. I personally have at least 1 product for each of the function. I spend a lot of body care products! Sometimes, the day just gone bad when I purchased the no-effect-at-all products. 

Recently, I found a products which named "MAGIC WATER". It has a very nice packaging, in blue colour. I feel kinda relaxing everytime I see blue color. No description is showed on the box, so by looking at the packaging I assume its something like moisturizer mist for skin. 

So yes, MAGIC WATER is actually a nano aqua beauty mist. It has a smaller water moleculer of nano size that freely penetrates through cell membrane. It helps to stimulate the opening or cell channels, thus, it helps to increase the absorption of nutrients. The BEST part of the product is that, it is free from Paraben, SLS, artificial colouring and fragrances.

What's the FUNCTIONS of Magic Water? Oil and acne control, Brightening and reduction of pigmentation, Anti-aging & lifting, Powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidants, Improve skin Immunity, Superb absorption.  

To prevent UV light under sun and moisturize our skin everyday is very important to us in order to avoid our skin get sunburn caused by exposure to the sun. The Sun is too dangerous for us. Magic Water is what we need, PREVENT and MOISTURIZE at the same time! 

We can use Magic Water  as moisturize, then make up with sunblock base when go out for lunch. Before going out with car, we can also use Magic Water to moisturize our skin immediately to avoid hot air affect to skin condition. 

Next, for those who having problem skin, like skin get more oily in the afternoon, use Magic Water helping for oil control. This is what I need, skin just getting more oily day by day!

I've been using Magic Water for more than 10 days. I have to say the result is awesome. I spray magic water on my skin everytime I walk under the Sun. Sometimes my skin just cracked because of too dry, Magic water helped me to moisturize my skin instantly! 

I have to say, the price of Magic water is reasonable, and it's easy to carry to anywhere we want. Now we can get so many good effects by just using 1 bottle of Magic Water. I wonder why am I still buying so much of the products. 


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