Saturday, July 23

The excitement level in the Melawati area has been pushed up a notch as 11 well-known brands were announced today as anchors and key tenants at the upcoming Melawati Mall – the first major shopping mall in the established and affluent residential district of Taman Melawati, located north east of Kuala Lumpur.  

Melawati Mall is conceived and developed to stand out from other suburban malls and to define new standards for neighbourhood shopping centers in the country with its optimised space planning and contemporary design suited for a bustling catchment of 740,000 residents.  The 620,000 square feet net lettable area lifestyle mall with more than 250 retail shops spread over eight levels of retail floors and 1,900 parking bays is expected to become the preferred destination for shoppers.  

In a ceremony attended by about 200 guests, Toys “R” Us, Village Grocer premium supermarket, Golden Screen Cinemas, Fitness First, MPH bookstore, Padini Concept and Brands Outlets fashion stores, SenQ electrical and electronics goods store, Daiso variety store, Kidz Zone children’s playland and Lifestyle Foodcourt were the 11 brands announced as anchors and key tenants, among those that will be opening in Melawati Mall.  

Due to its unique location and design, Melawati Mall will be a new landmark on the MRR2.  The design encapsulates vertical voids at strategic locations in the façade to allow natural daylight into the mall, providing shoppers with a connection to the surroundings.  Column-free design in the main voids and shopping corridors provide excellent sight lines and exposure for the retail stores.  The intelligent selection of lighting options in atmospheric hues at various levels including the facade and use of dynamically sourced materials work towards providing the exclusive and “wow” experience, making Melawati Mall a preferred destination for the denizens of Kuala Lumpur.   

Living up to the mall's tagline 'City shopping at your doorstep', these household names, alongside other local and international brands, will be bringing the excitement of city shopping to some 740,000 residents in Melawati and surrounding neighbourhoods when the mall becomes operational in the second quarter of next year.   

Optimally sized and uniquely positioned for this neighbourhood, Melawati Mall is targeting middle and upper-middle income families, working professionals, residents in the vicinity and students from nearby schools.  The 13-storey mall has about 620,000 square feet of net lettable area, with more than 250 retail shops spread over eight levels of retail.    

The retail floors are located between two levels of basement carpark and three levels of upper floor carpark with a total of 1,900 parking bays, including “ladies only” and hybrid car priority bays – both of which are nearer to the carpark lift lobbies.  To ensure shoppers can move easily between retail zones, the family-friendly mall is equipped with three sets of escalators per floor and eight passenger lifts.  

Healthy Snack for daily life!

Saturday, July 9

Choosing a smart snack and store it at home is not easy! Healthy snacks can be hard to find, especially when you come home from work and looking for something for a quick fix (hungry tummy). Well, at least healthy snack can help to avoid blood sugar dip and tide yourself over until dinner time. 

Introducing a new kind of healthy snack "GREEN BOX" which come in a box! You can get so many different kind of snacks which is good for your health. No more burden on your body while eating snacks! 

Simple yet beautiful packaging. Each type of snack are packing in a small bag accordingly! Simple, clean and neat. These healthy snacks are suitable for event, office party, corporate gifts and meeting & workshop! I bring it to office and eat  it during my tea time. Writer need more energy for brain. 

Bulk snacks come in 500g bags and single serve options come in 30g bags. 

Sunshine Chips ( Fresh Carrot, Green Radish, Sweet Potato, Greenbean Strips, Taro, Fructose, Vegetable Oil, Salt, Pepper ). Low calories 102kcal and high fiber snack. This is a packet of dry vege and fruits. I wish I got more on this! 

Raspberry Cranberry Fusion ( Cranberry, Raspberry Juice ). Cranberries managing blood sugar levels, Raspberries with their antioxidant vibes, Blueberries and their crazy catechins. Wanna know how it taste when  Raspberry + Cranberry? Try this! 

Figgy Nut Jumble ( Dried Fig, Almond, Pistachio Kernel, Cashew Nut, Raisins )。 High protein snack.  

Strong Heart ( Brazil Nut, Pecan, Baked Almond, Unsalted Baked Peanut ). High protein, high fiber, antioxidant and healthy to our heart! I love it when there's unsalted baked peanut! Peanut always taste better without salt! 

Aprecano ( Raw Pecan, Diced, Apricot, Raisin ).Cranberries managing blood sugar levels, Raspberries with their antioxidant vibes, Blueberries and their crazy catechins. For those who don't like raisin, you might not be interested in this! 

Peanut Pretzel Muddy Bites ( Peanut, Pretzel, Cashew, Dark, Chocolate Nib ).Something salty, something crunchy, something sweet. With a dash of chocolate chips, a handful of cashews, peanut and everything pretzel, it's the perfect snack on-the-go!

The Ubin Mix ( Peanut, Honey Sunflower Seeds ). Bringing a slice(or handful) of the Kampung spirit to you. These awesome sunflower seeds and peanuts will take you back to the good ole days! The best is the sunflower seed! (because we no need to peel it hard shells haha ) 

Sun-Dried Apricots ( Sun-dried Sulphite free Apricots ).Most bright orange apricots contain sulphites to maintain the colour. These are au natural. I'm not sure if you all like apricots or not. I personally love apricot so much. Yum yum! 

Rosemary Pistachios ( Pistachios, Rosemary Herbs, Salt ).Rosemary Pistachios, brimming with flavour and very satiating, without the calories of the chicken. I only heard about rosemary chicken, but never heard about rosemary pistachios. Surprisingly, it taste so good! 

Mocha Almond ( Almond, Mocha ).These Mocha Almonds taste as good as they sound! The perfect companion to your morning coffee. the Mocha make the almond taste so good, like, we're eating mocha sweet. Not too sweet, but still you gonna love how it taste! 

Nutty Knight ( Hazelnut, Raisin, Unsalted Peanut, Cranberry ).  Packing a heroic dose of Vitamin E, the Nutty Knight helps to keep the nasties at bay while still tasting great! Different type of nuts in one pack, good to go! 

Bearylicious ( Blueberry, Goji Berry Cranberry, Midget Golden Raisin ).  Strongly recommend this to those who love eating raisin. The sweetness of raisin gonna melt your heart! 

Want to know more info on how to purchase and more selection of snacks , please log on to their website! Start eating healthy snacks today ! 

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Iphone 6s+ Phone Casing from Wakase ( Amazon Shopping )

Saturday, July 2

After using Samsung for number of years, I decided to change to Iphone. I heard so many good things about Iphone, then I think why not I get myself an Iphone.'s mine Iphone 6s Plus. One of the reason to get myself a iphone is, those beautiful and cute Iphone Casing. Beside Iphone, there are so much little of nice phone casing we can get from anywhere! Racist huh?

So, I came across to Amazon, trying to find something special for my phone. Been spending so much of Iphone, I really hope there's a phone casing which can protect my phone from any "accident"! 

Wakase, one of the seller in Amazon! There selling many types of phone casing. All of them are in unique design and texture. Wakase has a very high reputation online. After spending so much time in choosing the phone case, I finally decided to get myself a lace phone casing.  

This phone case has a very soft and smooth surface. You will definitely in  love with it! Another thing is, the thickness of the phone casing, not too thick yet it still give a very good protection for my Iphone. Especially at the corner of my Iphone. 

The quality is good. It cutting is awesome and accurate compare to those we get from night market. It make sure we not need to take the casing off when we're charging our phone! This is the part i like the most!

A Magic Water your skin ever need!

We expose our skin , to the sun, to the air, and we can't make sure we covered every single inch of our skin to get rid from any danger. Skin is the largest organ human have. That's why we need to take a good care of our skin! 

We use to apply body cream, body lotion with different skin of function like : moisturizing, after sun care, sunscreen, whitening, whitening and so many more. I personally have at least 1 product for each of the function. I spend a lot of body care products! Sometimes, the day just gone bad when I purchased the no-effect-at-all products. 

Recently, I found a products which named "MAGIC WATER". It has a very nice packaging, in blue colour. I feel kinda relaxing everytime I see blue color. No description is showed on the box, so by looking at the packaging I assume its something like moisturizer mist for skin. 

So yes, MAGIC WATER is actually a nano aqua beauty mist. It has a smaller water moleculer of nano size that freely penetrates through cell membrane. It helps to stimulate the opening or cell channels, thus, it helps to increase the absorption of nutrients. The BEST part of the product is that, it is free from Paraben, SLS, artificial colouring and fragrances.

What's the FUNCTIONS of Magic Water? Oil and acne control, Brightening and reduction of pigmentation, Anti-aging & lifting, Powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidants, Improve skin Immunity, Superb absorption.  

To prevent UV light under sun and moisturize our skin everyday is very important to us in order to avoid our skin get sunburn caused by exposure to the sun. The Sun is too dangerous for us. Magic Water is what we need, PREVENT and MOISTURIZE at the same time! 

We can use Magic Water  as moisturize, then make up with sunblock base when go out for lunch. Before going out with car, we can also use Magic Water to moisturize our skin immediately to avoid hot air affect to skin condition. 

Next, for those who having problem skin, like skin get more oily in the afternoon, use Magic Water helping for oil control. This is what I need, skin just getting more oily day by day!

I've been using Magic Water for more than 10 days. I have to say the result is awesome. I spray magic water on my skin everytime I walk under the Sun. Sometimes my skin just cracked because of too dry, Magic water helped me to moisturize my skin instantly! 

I have to say, the price of Magic water is reasonable, and it's easy to carry to anywhere we want. Now we can get so many good effects by just using 1 bottle of Magic Water. I wonder why am I still buying so much of the products. 


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