TAG La: You'll Never Lose Anything Again!

Friday, June 17

It always happen, when we're rushing out the door, yet we can't find out key and wallet. This happen 365 days in a year (on me). Now, what's the best solution for this? Use TAG La!  TAG La is a small, cute Bluetooth device that allow you to find anything , at anywhere, anytime. TAG La is the simplest way to find lost and misplaced belongings. TAG La uses CR2032 battery which is easy to get from the market. 

You can just drop it into your bag, attach it on your key, or even slide it into your wallet/pouch. 

Tired of losing your keys, wallet, or phone?  Attach the coin-sized TAG La to any item, then use the Troika app to locate it in seconds. Quickly ring a missing item around the home or be notified before leaving things behind. 

The effective distance of TAG La is 75 feet in open range without barrier. 

How many times has your day been disrupted by a frantic hunt to locate your phone? Now, just double press your TAG La. If your lost phone is within the 100-foot Bluetooth range, it will loudly ring even on silent. BUT, If you lost your phone is far away from you, no worries, you still can find it! Log into Troika app to see its last known location.

Yesh! You can even use it as a Bluetooth camera connection, take photo without holding your phone! Isn't this sound great for those who like to take selfie ( like me..haha ).

TAG La is available in 6 colours. Log on to http://tagla.com.my/shop/ to choose your favorite colour now! With only RM59.90, YOU WILL NEVER LOST ANYTHING AGAIN! 

KEY IN "trislynnchan" and get 10% cash back! 

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