Chamomile Intensive Treatment Cream

Tuesday, May 31

Anyone of you chamomile tea? I love chamomile tea. Chamomile tea help to boosts your immune system, banishes menstrual cramps, and much, much more! Yet, I never thought that chamomile can be use as a face treatment product!

This intensive treatment gallery works great in anti-allergy and reduce redness. I have a very sensitive skin, where it gets red and all the time. This cream is suitable for sensitive and normal skin. 

How to use:
1. Make sure you face is clean before you apply any products. 
2. After that apply the intensive treatment cream gently onto any bruises on skin and re-apply through each day. 
3. Apply regularly for a prolonged period. Can also be used with other intensive treatment creams.

The chamomile scent is pure tranquility, and the cream is the perfect consistency. It’s buttery but light, and it absorbs in a flash, melding perfectly with skin. It feels weightless, yet it hydrates like you wouldn’t believe. 

The best part? It’s truly calming! I did not realize how much redness was in my complexion until I started using this and saw the results. 

Not all dryness, redness, and irritation are created equal. How to pinpoint what's really getting under your skin and recapture a happy complexion. It's a cruel reality that once your skin takes the opposite turn, turning red, irritated, and flaky at the slightest thing.

For the sensitive-skinned, does your skin reject everything you slather on it? TRY THIS! This is your dream cream. 

Opps, one more thing, Chamomile Intensive Treatment Cream is an organic Skin Care Products from BOTANICUS.  So, It is safe to use on your skin!

Dead Sea Mud Soap from BOTANICUS

Monday, May 30

Many people enjoy feeling refreshed when they go to a spa for a weekend getaway. One does not need to travel to achieve glowing skin that looks fresh and youthful. It is easy to get amazing results when doing a home facial with products that nourish the skin. A Dead Sea mud mask is easy to apply and costs much less than a trip to a spa.

Dead Sea mud is a natural skin product. There are many benefits of dead sea mud : Detoxifies, Increases Circulation, Improves Skin Health, Treats Skin Conditions and Relieves Aches & Pains. Dead sea mud soap is one of the must have products for girls.

Where to get dead sea mud soap? You can now get it from BOTANICUS! This Refreshing dead sea mud soap is rich in minerals to revive tired and troublesome skins. It contains 6% Dead Sea Mud and stimulating Zanthoxylum essential oil.

What are the benefit of using this dead sea mud bar soap?

  • Removes dirt and cleanses your skin, while simultaneously infusing it with minerals essential to keeping your skin hydrated and moisturized.
  • Leaving your skin cleansed and nourished
  • Contains a unique combination of Dead Sea minerals derived from Dead Sea Mud
  • 100% All Natural Moisturizing Soap
  • This soap is also effective at relieving the appearance of acne.

This dead sea mud soap smell exactly like a mud. Which means it doesn't contains any aroma. That’s why it is safe to use you're your skin! My skin feel brighten up and soft right after I used it!

Shower gels and foaming face cleansers often come in liquid or creamy form, but there's something special about finding a bar soap you just absolutely love. But like all good things, you eventually reach the end, but you can learn some tricks to actually make your bar last longer.

Bar soap dissolves more rapidly in water. For this reason, do not leave the soap sitting in a pool of water in the shower. So, to make my bar soap last twice longer, I make sure they are always dry!

How? Jeng jeng! I cut my soap into small cube size and store it in the cupboard. Only take out 1 piece of bar soap cube everytime it’s finished. How do you keep your bar soap longer? Share your idea with me at the comment box below. I would love to know it!

Enriched Face & Body Mask - Soothing (Chamomile)

Sunday, May 29

Face masks are one of my favorite skin care products.  They’re easy to apply, fun to use and are great at delivering results. Face masks are the perfect skin care treatment to help you with your skin care concerns.  The right face mask can help hydrate skin, remove excess oils and help improve the appearance of your pores.  They’re also an excellent way to help pull out impurities.

I myself love to collect different type of face mask. Charcoal, green tea, fruits extract mask, clay mask and many many more. This is the first time I heard about chamomile face and body mask. I never know chamomile can be use in beauty products, I thought it can only be serve as tea!

Today, I wanted to share with you a little on this chamomile soothing mask which can be use on face and body at the same time! This is a super-enriched mask for dry skins with calming pure Chamomile oil and Marigold absolut.

It is a creamy, non-hardening mask with a special formula which can leaves skin feeling softened and soothed. By just 1 tube, your face and body get to moisturized. Save time, save money, save energy!

I love to put this mask on my face while I was taking a nap.  It is very light wearing, absorbs quickly and does not have an overpowering smell. This is why I’m so in love with this product. Have used this a couple of time now. Leaves skin feeling soft and moisturized without feeling oily. Haven‘t had any breakouts with my sensitive skin

How to use:

  1. Rinse your face with clean water. Wipe off the water and impurities on your skin.
  2. Apply mask on your face and body.
  3. Leave it on your face for 10 minutes.
  4. Wash off with warm water.

For those who always work under sun, I highly recommend this product to you. Sunscreen is one of the products for our daily life especially for those who expose to the sun. But we’d like to make a strong case for adding another item to your load: an after-sun product.

There are plenty of after-sun body lotions, lip balms and sprays made with ingredients that soothe red, peeling and irritated skin, and hydrate dry and frizzy hair. This brand has a complete line dedicated to calming and comforting products that are perfect for after-sun care. But this treatment mask stands out with its deeply moisturizing formula that penetrates the skin’s barrier.

On the way looking for high quality soothing mask for your skin? Try Chamomile Soothing Face & Body Mask from BOTANICUS! You will fall in love with it!

Fruit soap from BOTANICUS, the BEST FRUIT SOAP you ever need for your skin!

Saturday, May 28

There are thousand types of body wash in the market. Basically, body wash can be divided into 3 types: the bar soap, the cleansing milk and the cleansing gel. Each of the body wash give different effect on our skin depending on our skin types.

I’ve been using body wash for 23 years, until last year, I thought of maybe I should try something new. The reason why I love body cleansing milk, it's because it's convenient and I love how my skin feel after the water rinse everything off my skin. My skin feel soft and moisturized!

Not to say hate, but I just don‘t like how my skin feel after bathing, where my skin is so dry and tight. But then, I realized this happened because I choose the wrong product. There are many types of bar soap, we should choose the right one so that we don't get that tight feeling. 

Today, I’m going to introduce you a FRUIT SOAP from BOTANICUS. YEAP! A body soap which made from fruit, I MEAN THE REAL FRUITS. You can even see the fruits inside the bar soap. 

Few weeks ago, I tried one of their Fruit Soap - Banana & Yogurt. This bar soap is for Softening, conditioning and pH adjusted for dry and delicate skin. As we all know, bananas are an excellent choice for smoothing and moisturizing dry skin types. Besides, banana is rich in magnesium,

The yogurt adds a much loved feel to the bar soap. It leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft and smooth. Banana and yogurt can be a pretty good combination. Both works great in moisturize our different effect on our skin depending on our skin types. It also contain some raw material in BIO quality. potassium, and antioxidants A, C and E. It is very safe to use on our skin! 

I must say, this fruit soap smell incredibly nice. 1 cube for RM55.90. Since we  spend so much on bar soap, of course we wanted it to last as long as it can. Have you ever opened a bar of soap, and then mysteriously just a few weeks later it' suddenly melted into nothing? Yes! Because of the water which caused the bar soap melt and it tend to be “finished” or “disappear”.

SO, I came out with my very own solution. I cut the soap into small pieces. I only take 1 small cube of it into bathroom. Once the small bar cube is finished then only I take another small cube. This tend to slow down the melting time of the bar soap. Now 1 bar soap of mine can be last for almost 2 months. (I know I clever XD)

Ingredients: Aqua, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Palmate, Sodium Cocoate, Yogurt, Musa Sapientum Fruit. Glycerin, Parfum.

What's is your favorite body soap? Share your soap-story with me and I would love to read all of your storieswithout you even realized about it!

Electric Run 2016 @ Selangor Turf Club

Saturday, May 21

The world's biggest 5 km fun-run returns to Malaysia for the second year in a row! Electric Run Malaysia 2016 presented by Shell FuelSave will see participants entering different neon-lit Course lands, allowing them pursue their passions and do more of the things that they enjoy. 

Neon shades and hues emanated even brighter than before from the Selangor Turf Club, Kuala Lumpur with the return of this year’s Electric Run® Malaysia 2016 presented by Shell FuelSave. Organized by The Livescape Group and supported by Malaysia Major Events, the Electric Run® Malaysia made waves last year when it achieved the title for the “Largest Participation in a Neon Run” in the Malaysia Book of Records. 

This year, the fun run saw an even larger participation with over 15,000 runners completing the 5km track, which culminated with a celebration graced by international superstars, Nico & Vinz, alongside a host of talented local musicians including SonaOne, Twinkies, H3, and ABeatC.

I am so happy to be a part of this event. Everyone is so excited waiting for the gate to open! Didn't able to join this year and you wonder how the exciting atmosphere are? Take a look at the video below!

There are 9 colourful electric courselands. But unfortunately, it was a raining day, heavy rain. I counldn't get to take much photo of those nice and beautiful courselands. I found that the design is almost the same like last year, but they did add in new courseland : The Surprise courseland and the Gateway!

To help create awareness about fuel efficiency, Shell Malaysia has designed the Shell FuelSave The Shell FuelSave Do More LED Maze to educate participants in a fun and exciting way. By bringing to live over 7 themed zones, participants will be able to indulge in a variety

The Shell FuelSave Do More LED Maze is designed to help educate and create awareness about fuel efficiency for Malaysians in a fun and exciting way, so that they are able to imagine what they can do in their daily lives when they are more fuel efficient. This maze is constructed using a combination of materials including plywood, metal poles, tarpauline visual wrap, emulsion finish, LED rope lights, LED strips and LED rainbow lights. It will enable participants to experience seven distinctive themed zones, where they will be able to indulge in a variety of passions that they enjoy.

Shell Station Zone: Visit a Shell station unlike any you’ve ever seen
Shopping Zone: Strut alongside a display of the latest high fashion
Movie Zone: Pretend to be a director on a movie set
Sports Zone: Get physical with a basketball hoop and football net
Roadtrip Zone: Take a break at some of Malaysia’s best tourist destinations
Food Hunter Zone: Have a drink at a hawker stall
Party Zone: Party with dancing robots or spin tunes at the DJ booth

Participants of the Shell FuelSave Do More LED Maze are encouraged to take selfies at the seven zones to be entitled to a special goodie bag containing gifts from partners such as Lazada, Bfab, Celebrity Fitness, Soleus, Karrimor, Touch & Go and Wall’s. 
Among the gifts available in the goodie bag are:
Lazada: Discount shopping vouchers
Bfab: Discount spa vouchers
Celebrity Fitness: 3-month gym passes
Soleus: 5 units of a running watch – Given as part of Lucky Draw
Karrimor: 5 units of free pouches – Given as part of Lucky Draw
Touch n’ Go: Special price on Special Edition photocards
Wall’s: Free Fruttare Ice Cream – Given at Race Finishing Line

 photo _meitu_2_zpsmfvkpxq4.jpg 
   photo IMG_5998_result_meitu_7_zpsqiuxexcb.png

FREE pork ribs @ Naughty Nuri's

Wednesday, May 18

For all pork ribs lover out there, we have some good news just for you! Naughty Nuri's is giving out FREE RIBS! FREE ribs available at all 3 outlet :  Desa Sri Hartamas , Subang The Courtyard , KL Life Center.

Campaign will start on 23rd May 2016 until 20th June 2016!

Only the first 30 participants will receive a coupon for free ribs! All 30 participants have to finish the ribs, otherwise, a penalty will be impose RM20/100gsm. Besides, participants have to snap a photo and upload it on social media platform with hastag #freeribsmonday. The 3 best photos and most numbers of like gets to dine in after campaign! Opps, did I mention about the real time video? Real time video will be recorded, so make sure you eat 

All you need to do is, choose one of the nearest Naughty Nuri's  outlet and line up from 1pm onwards! If you're 1 of the first 30 participants, then you get to enjoy the free ribs!  GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!

 photo _meitu_2_zpsmfvkpxq4.jpg 
   photo IMG_5998_result_meitu_7_zpsqiuxexcb.png

Naughty Nuri's Life Centre Food Review

Tuesday, May 17

Naughty Nuri's, the much heralded Balinese barbeque restaurant & Bar, well known especially for its tantalising BBQ Pork ribs and also its twisted Martinis, opened its third outlet in Malaysia at the Life Centre, Jalan Sultan Ismail in Kuala Lumpur.

Pacing Jalan Perak on the ground floor of the popular entertainment hub in the heart of Kuala Lumpur's Golden Triangle, the sizzling new outlet is set to be a regular feature among foodies, entertainment seekers and travelers in Kuala Lumpur, looking for tasty and value for money F&B offerings. The new outlet  can seat up to 230 diners. 

The first 2 outlets in Desa Sri Hartamas & Subang The Courtyard turn over 12 tonnes of premium pork ribs per month. Its kitchen is managed and run by Group Chef Eddy Wong who was trained by Michelin starred chefs in Germany at the age of 24. he heads a staff of 60 at Naughty Nuri's in Malaysia.

With the robust demand for its ribs, Naughty Nuri's will be expanding in the region, with Kuala Lumpur on track to open another outlet in Mid Valley by September 2016. Ither outlets planned for immediate 12 months are: 3 in Jakarta, 1 each in Bangkok, Macau, Phuket, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. A total of 25 outlets have been projected to open within the region in the next two years! 

The environment is nice, chilling environment and romantic atmosphere, its suitable for couple celebration and of course with friends.

Naughty Nuri's is also known for the alcoholic beverage, they have huge selection of alcohol for you to choose. Wine, beer, cocktails and many many more. Spending my night here with wine, I never know I can drink so much until I finished 1 bottle by myself alone, in 2 hours! GREAT!

You can also order any alcoholic drinks you want at the bar, the staffs are friendly and they are always ready to serve you! 

Here come the food. From its humble beginnings as a small roadside warung formed by the husband and wife in Bali, Naughty Nuri's has risen rapidly into a global food destination. With Naughty Nuri's opening up more outlets here in Malaysia, local food lovers will not have to go to Bali to enjoy these much sought after specialties, which are made exactingly to the original recipes. 

Naughty Nuri's 1995 Signature BBQ Spare Ribs 

Balinese Cumi Cumi

Naughty Nuri's Signature Roast Pork Salad

Naughty Crispy Belly

Indonesian Style Mee Goreng

For more info, log on to :
Naughty Nuri's KL Life Centre
Naughty Nuri's Desa Sri Petaling

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