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Friday, April 15

Canned food goodies can be a good time saver, especially for those who work from home ( just like me ) and housewife. Sometimes we need to stock up some good and healthy canned food in home, so that we can enjoy some delicious food even we're in home! Who say we can't have healthy and delicious food  at home? 

TC BOY is a well-known canned food brand in Asian country. TC BOY products varies from tuna and salmon as the main export, to sardines, baked beans and sea coconut. TC BOY canned food is make from freshest and high quality of ingredients. NO MSG, NO PRESERVATIVE, that's why we say TC BOY canned food is one of the best in the market! 

TC BOY has a very cute and nice packaging. It's easy to recognize! Oppss, did you even notice the fat guy logo? I guarantee you , you going to puts your thumbs up just like the fat guy logo! Today, I'm going to introduce you some of the canned food from TC BOY! 

There are so many products by TC BOY, such as :
  1. Tuna chunky flakes in vegetable oil
  2. Red Salmon Salad (Spread Style)
  3. Tuna Sandwich Delite
  4. Tuna Real Mayonnaise
  5. Tuna Mayonnaise Spread Style
  6. Solid Tuna in EXTRA virgin Olive oil
  7. Solid Tuna in Spring Water
  8. Tuna with chilli Padi
  9. Solid TUNA in vegetable oil
  10. Solid Tuna in Sunflower Oil
  11. Solid Tuna in Brine

Looking for something that is full of Vitamin D, B12, high protein and Omega 3,  Mackerel Goreng Dalam Sos Cili is what you should try! Mackeret is high in B12 which you can't even get it from fruits and vegetables. Pairing it with plain white rice is the BEST! Meal settled just in few minutes! 

This is a searing, tongue igniting tuna that will satisfy the spicy food lover in your house. The solid chunk of tuna was a good sign of the taste. It's not easy to prepare a delicious tuna. I personally think that a good TUNA should be firm and flaky but not mushy, just like how TC BOY make theirs. 

You can choose whether you want to cook the tuna or not, you can serve it without cooking on it! That's what I love about some of the canned food! You want to taste the texture of the real tuna? Try this!

Mayonnaise is one of the most delicious dressing. I love mayonnaise, and this Sandwich Delite Tuna dalam Mayones is one of my favorite. This is so delicous, I can dinish one whole can without eating it with any bread of biscuit! 

Extra virgin oil is an unrefined oil and highest quality olive oil in the market. I understand not all of you enjoy the smell and the texture of the oil. So, if you're a extra virgin olive oil lover, you might get into this. Extra virgin olive oil is loaded with antioxidants and healthy fats. 

Want to know some tuna recipe? Here you go!

Looking for healthy canned food? Get yourself TC BOY canned food from the market now! 

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