Breakfast Experience at Executive Lounge , Thistle Johor Bahru

Monday, March 7

Good morning! Thank you for stopping by my blog again! When staying in a hotel, breakfast of the hotel is one of the thing that I always looking forward to! This time, for my stay at Thistle Hotel Johor Bahru, I'm not going to have my breakfast at the normal restaurant or cafe that we use to have. Because having breakfast at the cafe and the restaurant is too mainstream!

We stay in Executive Room with 1 king size bed throughout the 3 days 2 trip. One of the best thing of staying in this room is that we can access to the Executive Club Lounge. You must be wondering now, what is executive club lounge is? Executive Club Lounge is a place which is ONLY OPEN TO HOTEL GUESTS WHO STAY IN EXECUTIVE ROOM! 

You can enjoy your breakfast here, so that you no need to go down to the restaurant which called FRESH just to having your breakfast. Let say, you wake up a bit early on that day, after you having your breakfast at Executive Club Lounge, you feel that your tummy is still empty and there's a lot more space that you can fit some food in, you may go to FRESH RESTAURANT to enjoy your second round breakfast. Don't worry, go ahead and enjoy. 

Besides breakfast, you can also have a drink like cocktail or wine over here ( session start from 5pm ). But too bad, because we're rushing to the night market so didn't make it to enjoy a drink over there. Luckily, we manage to enjoy our breakfast on the day before we heading back to Kuala Lumpur. 

Not much selection of food available over here. They only have bread, salmon, vegetables, and conflex. While for the drinks, they have hot tea, fruit juice and coffee. The breakfast is more suitable for those who do not take heavy breakfast! Oppss, I and my friend are egg lover, so we ordered different type of egg Omelet egg, the normal fried egg, and scramble egg. We're both so full until cannot move.

I must say, this place is amazing. It's so comfortable and relaxing when we're spending our time here. They even provide a private space, just in case there's something who wanted to conduct a meeting  or have some private talk over here. 

Oh! You know what, they have a big piano over here. By the time we enter the lounge, its raining! NOPE! ITS NOT THE NORMAL RAINDROPS, ITS SNOW!!!!! BOTH OF US AND ONE OF THE WORKERS FROM THISTLE, WE SAW THE SNOW!!! It snow about 5-10 seconds. But too bad, I didn't anage to capture down! haizzz....

For more information, log on to :
Address : Thistle Johor Bahru, Jalan Sungai Chat, 80100 Johor Bahru, Johor
Contact : 07-222 9234

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  1. oh they have thistle in johore too? Been to the one in port dickson, i think.. pretty sweet place. All white.

  2. varieties of food they have! The environment was great too.

  3. Great to hear about Thistle being such a great place to stay in JB. I guess can stay here, then take a bus to SG. Hehe.

  4. the breakfast spread looks good! :D great variety. and the environment is pretty too

  5. Passed by this hotel the few times that I have been to Johor Bahru. No chance to experience it yet. Your post has made me give it more priority when I next head south.

  6. what a great hotel there and the room look spacious and luxury~

  7. I love the room, the foods they serve, the ambiance

  8. WOw.. gorgeous hotel, gorgeous breakfast... I too love everything there is ... must go check it out when I head to JB next...

  9. Oh girl!!! that room look spacious. The breakfast spread is awesome!

  10. I remember staying there 3 years ago. Still looks in great condition. I have to say that its a really nice place to stay :)

  11. snow? it's ok if you didn't capture, as long as it stays in your mind. experience and memory counts, isn't it?

  12. hotel bfast is a must for me when overnight in hotel!! n this seem nice , i didnt knw abt it, must arrange one day with hubby :)

  13. Wow!Beautiful Hotel,with excellent interiors,more spacious,thanks for sharing this post air conditioner dealers in chennai

  14. Nice!! The place looks really comfy and nice to stay. Will consider staying here if I go to JB

  15. Wowow thanks for sharing this. :D The beds are big ahh! The space also big too! The breakfast is nice :D

  16. those rooms look amazing! The breakfast spread looks delicious. I would love to visit here

  17. Seriously so jealous that you could enjoy all the benefits at Executive Club Lounge!! The salmon portion looks so big and alot!

  18. Beautiful view from the hotel room. Wish to stay there when visit JB. :)

  19. This post makes me so hungry..The hotel is awesome and the breakfast dishes look so tasty.

  20. I always look forward to breakfast buffet whenever we stay in a hotel as it is a great spread with variety of food.

  21. nice hotel, room and bed looks so large that i wanna jump on it

  22. OMG! It's the only thing I look forward too at every hotel stay! BREAKFAST!

  23. Salmon looks amazing!! Hotel is superb

  24. The hotel environment so nice and high end. To me the breakfast is normal as other hotel. I love the most is the hotel design.

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