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Thursday, January 14

Hello guys! I know, Chinese New Year is around the corner, which means the season of "makan-makan" on the way too! I don't think anyone of you can stop yourself from eating especially during this festive. I usually gain weight during Chinese New Year. I start eating non-stop the moment my mum start baking those New Year biscuits, kuih-muih... 

Now, I found something amazing. Something that gonna help me to dissolve all the fat in my body. By eating so much of food, its directly increase the fat in our body. For those who do not exercise like me, the fat will stay in our body. I need to figure out on how to get rid of those fat and stay healthy. I'm not encouraging you not to exercise but I'm sharing with you an alternative way for those who do not have time to do exercise. Exercise is still the best way to maintain our body health.

The 1ST Moringa Enzymes only available at IVIORA MALAYSIA. Iviora Moringa Bioenzymes ♥ is a natural enzyme complex with 90 nutrients, multi vitamins, multi minerals, 18 amino acids, 46 types of Anti-oxidants, 46 types of Anti-Inflammatory compound, probiotics and other proteins naturally extracted from plant based foods hence suitable for all ages.

STEP 1: DIGESTION (Better Digestive Health)
STEP 2 :DETOXIFACTION I & II (Promote Immune System Regulation)
STEP 3 :RESTORATION (Improve of mineral and calcium absorption)

- Enriched with 17 digestive enzymes for healthy digestion
- Rich in Phytonutrients complex
- High in alkaline and balance body PH
- High in ORAC and antioxidants
- Enhance with 2 types of detoxification system
- Help neutralize and flushes toxins from human body through urination
- Regulate bowel movement
- Promote nutrients absorption and transport to every cell of the body
- Promote and strengthen immune system regulation
- Help increase energy and stamina
- Enhance in nourishing and healing the body and mind
- Help promote healthy skin
- Rich in nutrition for infants, pregnant woman and nursing mothers

Direction : Mix 1 sachet instantly with room temperature water. Stir it until it dissolve and drink immediately. You are recommended to drink it 1 to 2 times daily, after you meal!

Get 1 for yourself now, be prepaid before Chinese New Year knock your door, we all wanted to look great ( even we eat a lot )!

For more info, check out on :

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  1. I can understand during cny anyone will eat a lot of food and snacks haha looks like this product helps you a lot !
    *anyway you become more prettier already haha*

  2. This is a good one for const*pation..Ops! Anyway, pretty useful after CNY too!!!

  3. my digestion is bad too :( guess i need this to boost the digestive system

  4. My digestion has always been bad, not to mention after CNY... seriously in need of this!

  5. Didn't know this product is formulated in Japan. This comes in handy now after lots of CNY eating.

  6. Tried this as well! And it is super useful after heavy food or supper at night leh.

  7. nice products!!!!! After cny become more time to keep fit...hehe

  8. This looks like pretty good stuff I really need to try.. festive seasons and food reviews are making me super duper fat

  9. might need this. thanks for the info.

  10. For me, the best fountain of youth is always a plate of Roast Pork, a plate of Roast Pork a day keeps the doctor, the fat around the waist and crappiness away.

  11. Wow this looks like the answer to overeating. Thanks for the review. Will keep it in mind.

  12. I wonder if it taste good. my tastebuds has issues with how liquids taste like.

  13. sounds like a great product to keep ourselves healthy. love products like this, which is helpful for our body health!

  14. OMG I have tried this product as well! It helps =D It was good for my digestion and bloated stomach as well!

  15. I've seen quite a few people use this product. Wonder if they are helpful for everyone or only a certain type of people.

  16. wow. it seem work for better digestion problem. It can helps for detoxification. I feel like trying this product.

  17. I have seen many people going for these products for detoxification. Personally I haven't tried on my own yet.

  18. i didn't know this is for slimming down, i actually eat the moringa plant directly as tea or powder form after blending it haha

  19. I need this after all the CNY makan-makan, thanks for sharing :)

  20. Cheers to the share - didn't really have much knowledge on this; will try this for detoxification.


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