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Monday, January 11

 London Weight Management has been the most sought after slimming solution among women who are troubled with weight problems. Since its establishment in 2000, London Weight Management has worked its way into the heart of Malaysian women and hence bagging the Platinum Award for the Most Trusted Brand in the Beauty and Slimming Centre category. 
London Weight Management Slimming Treatments are formulated by renowned slimming professionals with no involvement of any surgeries or injections. Our treatments are guaranteed safe with the engagement of the latest slimming technology breakthrough.

According to recent studies, coffee drinking has become a rising trend among Malaysians. Some down them to cure an overnight hangover; some use it to relieve stress, whereas some drink it to replace water. Whatever reason we take our coffees for there is no doubt that its consumption is on the rise. Having said that, the next time you grab that beautiful latte that’s packed with almost 220 calories, consider a switch for London Express Coffee that delivers great benefits. The London Premix Express Coffee is the most popular and best-selling product among our customers. It is the No.1 go-to solution for all coffee lovers who want to lose weight.

Ingredients list: Non-dairy creamer (Glucose Syrup, Hydrogenated Palm Kernel Oil, Sodium Caseinate, Emulsifiers (E471,E472e), Stabiliser (E340(ii)), Free Flowing Agent (E551)), Inulin, Coffee Powder, Maltodextrin, Silicone dioxide, Green Tea Extract, Guar Gum, Citrus Aurantium, L-Carnitine, Sweetener, Flavour

√ Low sugar, low calorie, dietary coffee
√ Burns off fat
√ Increases energy
√ Curbs appetite & increases metabolism
√ Diuretic effect to reduce water retention

Perfect for:
• Ladies who want a multi-purpose product with 12 hour fat burning benefit
• Those who need help with toning and trimming at stubborn fat areas
• Ladies who want to reduce cellulite on their thighs and hips
• Ladies who want a contoured, toned body

This coffee taste like normal 3 in 1 coffee that we use to drink. For those who like to drink coffee, you might in love with this! I have a lot of successful cases, where slimming coffee did works for some people. They get to lost weight by drinking slimming coffee. Maybe, I should give it a try!
Consume the London Express Coffee with a recommended balanced diet and London Weight Management program. London Weight Management guarantees up to 3kg or 8-22cm loss* in the first slimming session. Redeem Free Slimming promotion:

For more info about this treatment or a customized weight management program, visit or contact hotline at 03-26141234.

*Results may vary. Please consult a
London Weight Management expert for the recommended

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