Lou Sang with Hui Lau Shan 2016

Tuesday, January 26

Hui Lau Shan introducing their new vegetarian Lou Sang dessert. They have invited famous artiste Juztin and the local media to join them on early Chinese New Year celebration to launch new menu. 

Hui Lau Shan upholds its principles of health, freshness, uniqueness and creativity when producing their dessert. This year, they will be promoting two Lou Sang dishes "Prosperity Lou Sang" and "Cheerful Lou Sang". if you are health-conscious or a vegetarian, the "Cheerful Lou Sang" will b your best choice!  

At the "Monkey Year Celebration with Hui Lau Shan press conference, Juztin Lan has been invited to join in an early celebration with the media. Juztin, who has a sweeth tooth, said he has confident in Hui Lau Shan dessert quality. Besides that, 10 lucky fans of Juztin Lan were invited to join him in tossing Yee Sang and savouring the special menu of Hui Lau Shan.


Different from the traditional Yee Sang, this is a vegetarian version that uses Hui Lau Shan's signature mangoes, pairing up with red apples, green apples, pears, strawberries, watermelons, cantaloupes, honey dews, guavas, shredded carrots, shredded turnips, pomelos seeds and others. Added with crispy crackers and their special passion fruit sauce, this dish is sure to tickle your taste buds. Come try out this fresh, fruity modern Yee Sang this Chinese New Year! 

If you're still searching for a best gift for your friends and family this Chinese New Year, your best bet will definitely will be Hui Lau Sang's Golden Carrot Cake and Golden Nian Gao ( Chinese New Year Cake ). These are both popular desserts.

Hui Lau Shan Chinese New Year gift boxes contain food that uses fresh ingredients with no preservatives, in line with their company's direction of providing healthy food. From now until Jan 31, spend minimum of RM18 and you will receive Hui Lau Sang specially designed red packets and a RM8 lucky voucher. Limited quantity available, while stick last. 

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Mak’s Chee Authentic Wonton GRAND OPENING!

Friday, January 22

Mak’s Chee, the brand new restaurant that cooks up near 100 years old authentic prawn wonton noodle recipe made famous by Guangzhou’s King of Wonton Noodle, Mak Woon Chee is now open at 1 Utama (Lot LG 311D, opposite Cold Storage).
With the opening, Malaysian foodies can now enjoy the signature Mak’s Chee wonton noodle, prepared by Michelin Chef Johnny Yu who is also the first grandchild-in-law of Mak Woon Chee.
The grand opening held on 16th January saw a thunderous and entertaining lion dance performance followed by an auspicious Yee Sang tossing ceremony. To add fun to the opening, the restaurant organized a “Wrap That Wonton Contest” for children aged 9 to 15. The contestants were then judged based on the weight of the wonton, shape and look of the wonton (gold fish look), the quantity of wontons wrapped within the limited time and the wonton sealing quality. Six contest slots took place at 2.30pm, 3.00pmm, 3.30pm, 4.00pm, 4.30pm and 5.00pm. The contest saw 56 children who took part in the contest in total. Their parents were equally excited seeing their kids and enjoyed taking as much memorable pictures they can.
Staying true to the near 100 years old classic recipe, Mak’s Chee restaurant in 1 Utama is its first outlet in Malaysia. The restaurant is managed under the guidance of Master Chef Johnny Yu, who mastered Mak’s wonton noodle recipe and cooking style since he was 17 years old under the tutelage of Mak En, his father-in-law.
Now, with more than 40 years of experience and distinctive skills in wonton noodle making, Mak’s Chee is spreading the family’s wing by venturing into Malaysian market. The restaurant offers fast casual dining with a variety of tantalising and succulent menu.

Focus is on the signature Mak’s Chee wonton noodle, “gold fish” shaped wonton, special herb blended dumplings (sui kau), braised beef brisket, prawn roe and savoury rich broth with a unique presentation in a classic petite bowl ensuring the special noodle taste and texture to remain al dente and springy.
He added that Mak’s Chee will maintain all traditional food preparation procedures, cooking methods and tools used to emulate the similar kitchen environment of the past in their effort to reinforce brand and food quality assurance to their existing and future customers. With the debut of Mak’s Chee brand in Malaysia, the restaurant is aiming for growth targeting local non-halal communities, urban families and working professionals and authentic food lovers. “Our decision to open a restaurant in Malaysia was due primarily to the overwhelming requests and good feedback we’ve received from our Malaysian tourists when they visited Hong Kong,” said Mr. Gary Crestejo, Director of Mak’s Chee.
Mak’s Chee restaurant is open daily from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm.

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Pretz n' Beanz Mont Kiara

Thursday, January 14

Enjoy weekend with good food. There are so many cafe in Mont Kiara area. What I do on every weekend? Hunt for nice cafe, enjoy all the food and have a great conversation with the love one. Today, I'm going to introduce to you Pretz n' Beanz which located at Mont Kiara. 

Mocha - RM12.00
I'm not a fan of Mocha. I think mocha is a bit sweet. I prefer cappuccino with 0% of sugar。 Surprisingly, this Mocha doesn't taste too sweet and I'm falling in love with it! 

Green Tea Latte - RM11.00
Yay! I love green tea latte. Green tea taste the best! Look at the latte art, it's so cute! 

Cinnamon Sugar Pretzal - RM6.25
This is one of the best seller pretzel in Pretz n' Beanz. As usual, the pretzel is so soft. No one gonna say NO to cinnamon! 

Basil Cheese Pretzal - RM7.30
Oh my, cheeseeee! Making a delicious cheese pretzel is not easy. Serve it while it’s still hot. BOOM! 

Chicken Hawaiian Pretzel Pizza - RM15.80
This pizza is freaking fantastic! The crust is so soft! I've tried their chicken Hawaiian pretzel pizza. Hawaiian Chicken Pizza is the one of the common flavor among Malaysia. Soft crust with pineapple, chicken and cheese! Who say only Pizza Hut serve the best pizza? Pretz n' Beanz do serve pizza which gonna blow your mind away! 

Green Curry Pretz n' Stew - RM17.90
I never know it can be so delicious, like extremely delicious when I was asked to eat this mini pretzel with GREEN CURRY! The green curry taste so good, it's a local kind of green curry not the one from Thailand ( hot and sour is not available ). They even come with carrot, cucumber and celery sticks! Yum yum yum! The pretzel actually spices up the stew. 

Volcano Chocolate Cake With Ice Cream - RM13.65
Girls!!!!! Dessert time! Volcano chocolate cake is a kind of chocolate fondant. Look at the how the ht chocolate flowing out from the cake. Have at least 1 dessert a day, your mood will never gone bad! 

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Moringa Bio Enzymes

Hello guys! I know, Chinese New Year is around the corner, which means the season of "makan-makan" on the way too! I don't think anyone of you can stop yourself from eating especially during this festive. I usually gain weight during Chinese New Year. I start eating non-stop the moment my mum start baking those New Year biscuits, kuih-muih... 

Now, I found something amazing. Something that gonna help me to dissolve all the fat in my body. By eating so much of food, its directly increase the fat in our body. For those who do not exercise like me, the fat will stay in our body. I need to figure out on how to get rid of those fat and stay healthy. I'm not encouraging you not to exercise but I'm sharing with you an alternative way for those who do not have time to do exercise. Exercise is still the best way to maintain our body health.

The 1ST Moringa Enzymes only available at IVIORA MALAYSIA. Iviora Moringa Bioenzymes ♥ is a natural enzyme complex with 90 nutrients, multi vitamins, multi minerals, 18 amino acids, 46 types of Anti-oxidants, 46 types of Anti-Inflammatory compound, probiotics and other proteins naturally extracted from plant based foods hence suitable for all ages.

STEP 1: DIGESTION (Better Digestive Health)
STEP 2 :DETOXIFACTION I & II (Promote Immune System Regulation)
STEP 3 :RESTORATION (Improve of mineral and calcium absorption)

- Enriched with 17 digestive enzymes for healthy digestion
- Rich in Phytonutrients complex
- High in alkaline and balance body PH
- High in ORAC and antioxidants
- Enhance with 2 types of detoxification system
- Help neutralize and flushes toxins from human body through urination
- Regulate bowel movement
- Promote nutrients absorption and transport to every cell of the body
- Promote and strengthen immune system regulation
- Help increase energy and stamina
- Enhance in nourishing and healing the body and mind
- Help promote healthy skin
- Rich in nutrition for infants, pregnant woman and nursing mothers

Direction : Mix 1 sachet instantly with room temperature water. Stir it until it dissolve and drink immediately. You are recommended to drink it 1 to 2 times daily, after you meal!

Get 1 for yourself now, be prepaid before Chinese New Year knock your door, we all wanted to look great ( even we eat a lot )!

For more info, check out on :

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London Treatment Ampoules

London Weight Management has been the most sought after slimming solution among women who are troubled with weight problems. Since its establishment in 2000, London Weight Management has worked its way into the heart of Malaysian women and hence bagging the Platinum Award for the Most Trusted Brand in the Beauty and Slimming Centre Category.
London Weight Management Slimming Treatments are formulated by renowned slimming professionals with no involvement of any surgeries or injections. Our treatments are guaranteed safe with the engagement of the latest slimming technology breakthrough. One of our signature slimming agents, the London Treatment Ampoules is a combination of slimming formulation that stimulates the slimming process, providing you visible and stunning results. Being the most effective slimming product of our brand, it is also the best product for maintaining the figure you have worked so hard for.

Step 1: One-to-One Personalized Consultation
London Weight Management’s Slimming Consultants will examine and provide a detailed analysis of the customer. The type of weight problems will be identified and customised treatment will be given to help customer achieve their ideal figure and weight.
Step 2: Aroma Steam Bath
An exhilarating experience, London’s Steam treatment will invigorate the mind and soul from daily stresses. Hot steam opens up the body pores to maximize results from the following treatment steps. Benefits of the steam treatment include draining out excess water from the body and improving blood circulation.
Step 3: Scrub + Hot Blanket
The consultant will assist in scrubbing off dead skin cells for a softer and smoother skin. The dual function of the Hot Blanket helps you flush excess water and toxin from body as well as increase metabolism and refreshes the body.  
Step 4: Ampoule & Machine
Imagine exercising while lying down!  London’s fat-burning ampoule burns fat for up to 12 hours! Machine treatment will stimulate the muscles and boost body’s metabolism. Together, ampoule and machine treatment will break up stubborn fat deposits in the body and burn it. 

The range of different ampoules that will be used during this treatment include:

Body Cleanze Ampoule: Eliminates waste & excess liquids from the body, thereby increasing cellular metabolism. It also tightens skin, creating a more radiant complexion and svelte figure.

Body Lifting Ampoule: Tightens loose skin and tones flabby muscles, effectively lifting unsightly cellulite and flab off body contours for a slimmer silhouette.

Seaweed Detoxy Ampoule: Eliminate toxins and increase blood circulation. It assists in breaking down of toxins and increases metabolism. It also reduces the appearance of fatty deposits.

Trimming Ampoule: Works fast and efficient to break down fat and reduces fat cells allowing users to achieve a curvier figure. It also smoothens and firms skin for a more youthful appearance.

Body Perfect Ampoule: Reduce the signs of cellulite, eliminate toxins, improves body contours and circulation as well as to increase metabolism

Bust Firming Ampoule: Acts directly on the breast tissue and muscles to improve skin tone as well as to lift and enhance the cleavage. It refines and firms breast contours, which enhances the body’s youthful qualities.

Thermo Trimming Ampoule: Refines and redefines body contours with long-lasting effects.

Directions :Apply a bottle on targeted area. Massage gently in circular motions until fully absorbed. 

After the treatment, the consultant will weigh and take down the body measurements for a comparison with the weight and measurements before the treatment. Thousands have tried and testified to London’s Ampoule Slimming Treatment, which guarantees up to 3kg or 8-22cm loss in the first session. 

The customer will be bringing back the ampoules for self-treatment and maintaining their figure. It is advised to apply after bath and enjoy a 24 hour fat burning sensation.

For Best Results:
Apply with machines and apparatus with a recommended balanced diet and London Weight Management program. London Weight Management guarantees up to 3kg or 8-22cm loss* in the first slimming session.

Redeem Free Slimming promotion: http://bit.ly/1T5rKO0

For more info about this treatment or a customized weight management program, visit https://www.londonweight.com.my or contact hotline at 03-26141234. 

*Results may vary. Please consult a London Weight Management expert for the recommended 

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