Clothes Buffet Malaysia Season 3 (2015)

Monday, December 7

On your mark, get set...go! The clock's ticking closer to season 3 of Malaysia's largest clothes buffet.
Clothes Buffet with 5 categories area: Throwback, Fun@Work, Girls Being Girls, Lazy Weekend and Little Black Dress. 

"Shopping without seeing the price tag". Back by popular demand - indulge in the unique shopping immersion that is Malaysia's Largest Clothes Buffet, Season 3! What's more, this year clothes buffet promises to be even and better than its predecessors. 

Organized by event management specialists, LINs communication, this is a one-of-its kind event that aims to bring the latest garb and garments to young female fashionistas, without burning a hole in their pockets. 

Shoppers are presented with access to mroe than 30,000 pieces in the 'buffet area', where they enter after having paid a flat fee of RM150. Each will receive a 35.5cm x 23cm zip-lock bag and be allowed to grab as many pieces as they can in 15 minutes. as long as they can fit the clothes they've picked into their zip-lock bag (and able to zip it)m it's theirs to take home. 

Clothes Buffet Supporters: 
LOT 10






And a big thank you to Garsa Kitchen for sponsoring these delicious sandwiches during the"secret affair"!

There will also be a "Secret Affair"  to the Clothes Buffet, as well as a 'Wear My Sketch!' Contest held in tandem with it, details of which are included in the Addendum below. 

A youth designer contest, this contest is intended to provide a platform for young designers to demonstrate their creativity and skills, and be recognized and rewarded accordingly. Open to budding designers from fashion design colleges and also new talents, the winning sketch designs will replicated and adapted by famous designer Key Ng & Huntmer Series, and features at the Clothes Buffet Malaysia.  This contest consists of categories, with a winner chosen from each category. The best design stands to win RM1000 in addition to having all the winners designs adapted by Key Ng & Huntmer Series, and featured at the Clothes Buffet Malaysia 2016.

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