Penang Food Hunt : Jeeves , Love Lane Penang

Monday, November 16 George Town, Penang, Malaysia

We've been walking for whole day. From morning till evening.  I can't feel my feet when I'm walking. I was on the way to get into the car  and found this little restaurant that caught my attention! This cafe might not have good outlook like other cafe, but they do serve good food! Love Lane located opposite of the selfie cafe.  

Mushroom Soup.
I love to drink mushroom soup. There is something very comforting about a creamy, rich mushroom soup. I know, its not easy to make a delicious, creamy mushroom soup. I thought I'm the only one who know how to cook delicious mushroom soup. HAHAHHAHA!!!

Egg Benedict.
I know, eating egg benedict at this hour of time is weird, but erm... Egg benedict is so sexy and I couldn't say NO to it. I was a bit shock the moment I saw this egg benedict. The bread is so hard, it's like when you try to cut the bread into half, and the table just keep shaking like earthquake attacked, but still you can't cut it off.

Btw, this is the most sour benedict I ever eat. I think they sqeeze 10 lemons on it 😕

Egg benedict? Nope, its lemonade-egg! 

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