Miacare Acne Patch [ For Day and Night ]

Sunday, November 15

To get acne on your skin is easy. But to cure and clean acne on face is much more difficult that you can imagine. There are so may reason which cause acne on your skin! Rises in androgen levels, genetic, bacteria and unbalance diet will causes acne!

Acne make people lost their confident especially when we are in public. People try whatever it can to cover their acne. Somehow, their skin condition getting worst. Now, there's one thing that we can do, to cover and to cure acne at the same time. What's the trick? Use Miacare Acne Patch! 

Acne Patch helps in acne relief. It acts as a protective cover, and reducing our urge to squeeze the acne, and it absorb the pus and oil at the same time. Acne patch is such a magic patch that it helps to cover and cure the acne. Anyone with acne skin should have this as their daily must use skin care product.

Each box of Miacare acne patch contain 12 patches with diameter of 12 mm. This thin edge acne patch fit perfectly fit and stick firmly on skin, it helps to make acne invisible.  

Promotions available for this item (online purchase only) :
Free gift with any purchase
Free delivery charges for any West Malaysia purchase above RM150. T&C applied.
RM10 off on delivery charges for any East Malaysia purchase above RM150. T&C applied.
5x Points
Online purchase ( Day Pack ) : http://goo.gl/ijce5x
Online purchase ( Night Pack ) : http://goo.gl/lE53JG

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