SHILLS Rose Luxury Essence

Wednesday, November 4

I love SHILLS products. I love rose. When these two are combine, and this is what I mean! Rose luxury essence from SHILLS is one of my favorite skin care products.  Rose luxury essence is a pure luxury rose essence that improves the oxygen content of the skin. It helps to soften and soothes the skin, at the same time Brighten the skin to a more defined and radiant colour. 

Key ingredients of the product : pure rose essential oil, vitamin E, vitamin C, olive oil, silk amino acids

I like it's non oily and non-greasy texture. It did help to moisturize my skin. been using this products for more than 1 year, and I really think that I should introduce it to you! Drop by drop, day and night, skin appears bright, radiant, even-toned and more refined.

Apply appropriate amount on face and massage directly after shower. It can be apply direct to skin and face without application of any toner or lotion the step before. ALL IN ONE functions only in this bottle! It will be able to achieve the clarifying efficacy of toner. 

Nano-molecular essence penetrates into deep layer of skin, provides repair and nourish efficacy. Massage with appropriate amount of SHILLS Luxury Rose Essence improves skin brightness and elasticity obviously.

If you're looking for product to work on your dry skin, try this!

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