Hello Kitty limited edition Velvet Smooth

Wednesday, November 4

Bonjour everyone! This month has been a very hazy month for all of us. Now, everyone is trying their best to avoid sickness because of the serious hazy weather. You may be taking various type of vitamin, wearing mask, drink a lot of water to avoid from dehydration, to put lotion on your skin to avoid dryness, and of course our eyes especially for those who wear contact lens for long hours. BUT, do you realize there's one part that we always forget or did not put more effort to take care on it?

Our lovely feet! No matter you are man or woman, we always think that there's no extra care needed for our feet! But the truth is, we should giving more cares on our feet. We walk everyday. We fit our feet in shoes everyday almost more than 8 hours. Day by day, the dead skin layer on feet is getting thicker. Sometimes, when it getting serious, it crack and its hurt.

This time, Scholl has come out with the Hello Kitty limited edition Velvet Smooth. Now, everyone can get healthy skin with this little cute feet roller. Basically, It’s an Electronic foot file that effectively removes hard skin. A professional pedicure set for softer-feeling feet. Contains: 1 x Electronic Foot File, 1 x roller head, 4 x AA batteries, 1 x cover.


4 AA size batteries are needed to activate this tools. 4 batteries will be in included in the packet. Here are some procedure on how i remove my dry skin on feet effectively. Usually these steps are what i will do before removing any dry skin. I found it tend to remove all the dry skin more easily. I’m not surer if these steps going to work on you, but it did works for me :D


Don't worry! You can always get yourself a replacement for the micro-roller. When you need to replace the roller on your Express Pedi, push the release catch at the head of the device. Remove the old roller. Insert the new roller and ensure it is firmly in place.


You can now get this with 20% discount, only available in Watsons Retail Outlets/ Watsons Online. To purchase log to : http://bit.ly/TrislynnChanHK

Beauty feet, beautiful life ♡

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