Tuesday, November 10

Dinner time! If you spend a long time to think what to eat for dinner, yet still can't figure out what to eat, why not try out! This the first and only Japanese food restaurant which called TORIDOKI. TORIDOKI is a Japanese restaurant which specializing in chicken dishes and Yakitori. TORIDOKI in Desa Sri Hartamas is the 1st international branch, and they decided to make it in Malaysia. Woohoo! In this restaurant, they maintained the Japanese culture as you can see in the interior design of the restaurant. 

Otoshi - Yasai Shiraae
Whenever you're here, they will serve you appetizer before you enjoy any other food. This is the appetizer which they also serve in Japan. Otoshi is basically an appetizer which make from various type of vegetable with special sauce. 

Yakitori - Toridoki RM8, Negima RM5,Tsukune RM11
3 type of grilled chicken in one plate.

Toridoki is make form Mune (Chicken breast), Kawa (Chicken Skin) and Momo (Chicken Thight). The chicken is so juicy and soft. For those which BBQ, make sure you order this! You will never regret for trying this! Beside chicken, vege is inserted between the chicken so that you won't feel so oily and feel so fresh with every bite of it!

Negima is grilled chicken thight.

Tsukune is the combination of  Mune (Chicken breast), and sunagimo (chicken gizzard). 

Konsai Salad RM18
This is a salad which make from different type of vegetables roots. It taste even better when it topped with cheese. Cheese lover high 5!

Nagaimo Garlic Butter RM12
Mountain yam, fried with garlic and butter. This yam is so soft and juicy. You can even eat this even though you do not have teeth. The butter smell so good. 

Teba Age RM10
Teba age is a fried chicken with sweet and spicy sauce. It doesn't taste that spicy as I though. Suitable foe children and elderly.   

Sunagimo Ahijyo
Sunagimo Ahijyo is a dish where there's chicken gizzard with vegetable (stewed with oilve oil) and served with grilled baguette. The baguettes was perfectly golden and crunchy. Apply some of the olive oil onto the baguettes, so that it become soft.

Tori Maruyaki RM45
Whole roasted chicken. Surprisingly, this roast chicken is not dry at all. It's so juicy, you can even see the chicken essence is dripping down on your plate! You will never get enough of this, trust me! They will help you to cut into small pieces before they you are ask to eat. You may eat the chicken with 3 different type of sauce. I personally love the spicy one! Taste soooo good! After eating this, no one still need KFC anymore! 

Camembert Cheese Yaki Onigiri RM12
This is a grilled rice ball inserted with cheese. This grilled rice ball is a bit dry. For those who like dry and hard rice, you should try this! 

Dashimaki Tamago RM14
Order and they make it on he spot! They make sure they serve the freshest tamago is town, so they only make the tamago when customer order it! This tamago is the juiciest tamago I've ever eat! Yum yum yum...

Houjicha Pudding RM10
This dessert is cold and soft. Pudding dissolve in the mouth in few seconds. Weeee! I love this pudding so much! 

For more info, log on to:
Website : http://toridoki.net/
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/toridokikl/

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  1. i love their food too :) especially when paired with alcohol hahahah

    1. yesh! I need alcohol every weekend.
      But of cos it would be better if there's alcohol everyday!

  2. Hi dear! I would love to visit this restaurant. 18th Nov! :) Thanks for your recommendation ya.

  3. food looks nice, the price is very reasonable too! OMG i wanna go there now.

  4. Nagaimo Garlic Butter looks delicious. Will check this out since Desa Sri Hartamas near to my house.

    1. You live so near only meh?!
      Bring your kids go makan the ayam! Very nice!

  5. The Yakitori set look so tempting!! And also its pudding. Now I am hungry :(

    1. Me and my friends love the pudding so much!
      Not too sweet! 1 is not enough for me :/

  6. Looks like a range of interesting dishes except for all those poisonous cheese. LOL *allergic to cheese*

    1. Oh no!
      Never mind, try their toridoki!
      You will never regret!

  7. I wanna try the rice ball with cheese !! 😍 Sounds good!

  8. Yummy! Next time I will try. My mom and sister already eat Toridoki so jealous! T.T

    1. Aiyoyo...
      Don't sad! Faster go makan!
      Try something they did not try before XD

  9. *drools* The Yakitori and Onigiri (with cheese, what?!)...and Tamago and the pudding! I'm glad this restaurant isn't near where I'm staying otherwise I'll be going there at least once a week. Haha

  10. Not a fan of chicken gizzard. But everything else looks yummy.

  11. Not a fan of chicken gizzard. But everything else looks yummy.


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