The 1st and only Alpacasso Cafe in Malaysia

Thursday, October 15

There are so many themed café in Malaysia, and today, I an going to introduce you one of the cutest and only Alpacasso Café in Mid Valley, Malaysia. It is actually located at The entrance of Aeon (1st floor). Alpacasso are very popular of course in Japan, but also in the United States! Alpacasso are kawaii characters inspired by Alpaca, social herd animals! 

[The Alpacasso Latte]
Latte have a very slight coffee taste but taste more like an awesome chocolate. Here’s how the latte made! After the latte is ready, they put a paper with well cutted alpacasso face on top if your latte, then they pour the cocoa powder, and tadaa! This is how the hot latte look like. The coffee art is different with the normal coffee art we used to see!

[ Cotton Candy Alpacasso ]
Soda with cotton candy in Alpacasso look! They made cotton candy on the spot, and that's why, the cotton candy is so fluffy! Soda is one of the drink that loved by most of us. Its so refreshing and cool. Just pour the soda from top and watch the magic happened! 

[ Alpacasso curry Island ]
This will be the cutest curry rice you will ever had! Japan is famous with their not so spicy curry sauce, so do this dishes. It doesn't really have a strong spiciness, yet, you will be amaze by how it taste! Rice in Alpacasso look, and topped with cocoa powder. The reaction between the cocoa powder and curry sauce is amazing. The portion is good for adults and children as well. 

[ White Alpacasso Burger ]
Craving for burger? Try this. There are kids love deeply in love with burgers and we’re here for u! Choose from beef patty or chicken coated with teriyaki sauce. The soft and juicy patty that make this dishes become famous. To have more fun, they have use the wihite,soft burger with alpacasso face instead of the normal brown burger. 5 stars for the food taste and 5 starts for the cute food arrangement!

[ Potted Cheesecake ]
A dessert with Oreo, rosemary and edible flower on top! The blueberry cheese cake in a cup! For those who loves eating cheesecake, with some blueberries flavor, This is what you should order! The layer of cheese cake is so soft! Dig the cheesecake and enjoy the crunchiness of Oreo and the awesome of cheesecake! You will definitely in love with this as the smell of the cheese leaves in your mouth! Oh wait, did I ever mentioned to you, the mug is actually a gift to you?! You may take back the mug after you finish the dessert!

[Summer Danish Pillow]
Amazingly grilled danish bread, topped with vanilla ice cream, and surrounded by small island!  Crispy danish bread, pair with vanilla ice cream is the best! Enjoy a vanilla ice cream in Malaysia is one of the best thing we can do since our weather is always under the hot sun! Can you imagine how it feels like when you can eat such big and many of Japanese melon in this dessert plate! Trust me, it worth more than how it cost! 

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