Totalife Slimming Program : GP-28 Revolutionary Genetic Breakthrough in weight management

Sunday, September 13

Slimming is in every girl to-do list. Every girl wish to be slim and sexy. But the problem is, not every girls slim down themselves using the correct way. There are so many slimming product out there, and totalife is one of the brand that come out with safe and quality slimming product. By going through 4 steps, you can get your idea weight and body shape : Fat Burning, Regulation, Metabolism and Detoxification. 

1. TDS - Total New Diet
There are 3 types of flavor for this products : Soy Milk, Mocha and Apple to satisfy your taste buds! I personally prefer the mocha more than the other 2. Inside this products, there are 58 types of balances nutrition which your body needed! In case you looking for products that works as a body fat burner, this is what you looking for!

For body regulation, you need to consume "Gene Up". There two important substance in this product, Roselle polyphenols and plant-based peptides. So, what these do substance gonna do is stimulates genetic power to regulate body functions and strengthens body metabolism!

Lipokleen A contains salmon fish oil, which is rich in Omega-3 essential fatty acids : DHA and EPA. Don't worry, this products do not have the fishy smell that gonna make you vomit for hours. Energise cell in Lipokleen A help to convert nutrition into energy and boost body metabolism.

This product is a boom! It help to reduce 35% calorie absorption from food resources! How can girls not knowing about this product! We all need this! No matter outside food or home cooked food, sometimes we might consume too much of calories without we realize about it! And this products gonna help you to avoid all those annoying calories!

Want to try this awesome products? Totalife is giving away this GP28 goodies bag worth RM54 to YOU! All you need to do is fill up the Google form at HERE! Remember to enter the code: TOTALIFE003

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