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Sunday, September 13

We need to clean our body once in a while. Many people do not realise about the important of detoxification! Detoxification is basically to clean out all the bad and dirty things which keep inside our body for quite sometimes. Somehow to look for a safe and quality product is not easy.

Healthy Intestine VS Unhealthy Intestine

Tatalife has finally come out with a Detox Program. This program give your body a healthy start through intestinal cleansing and detoxification. Totalife’s Detox Nutrition is the ultimate health solution that detoxes and eliminates impurities from the body system to prevent illnesses and improve your quality of life. In this program, you have to go through 4 process/steps : Digest, Balance, Detox and Reduction. 


In this process, we need to consume Total Biozyme. Total Biozyme is a botanical beverage that xix pineapple with enzymes. Total Biozyme is US top digestive enzyme. It works as fat, protein and carbohydrate digestive enzymes. What make this product so powerful is that, it is resistant to heat, acid and chlorine. It help to decompose: FAT , cholesterol, enhance fat metabolism, prevent the accumulation of fat. FISH, meat, beans, eggs, dairy food to prevent bloating, allergies
Decompose rice, pasta, fiber, lactose


Total Green Fiber is a botanical beverage that mix lemon with psyllium husk. Citrate taht contain in the product helps to promotes energy metabolism. There are total of 54 types of fruit and vegetable extracts inside this products. You don't even consume 54 types of fruits or vegetables every weeks or month. Total Green Fiber helps to purify toxins, enhance natural healing power , enhance immunity, delay aging and eelieve constipation & promote detoxification.

Total Biokind is a cultured beverage mixed yogurt with corn fibre powder. It is rich in nutrient source for probiotics to protect the intestinal wall. It's intestinal colonisation is exceeding 70%. We encourage to consume this everyday as it contains up to 48 billion beneficial bacteria which is very good for our health. Total Biokind help to improves digestion and absorption of nutrients, enhances body immune system and Synthesises vitamin!

Total Drink is a refreshing orange fruit drink. It is rich in antioxidants (Vit C, E and B complex). Besides, it is also high in phytochemicals (β-carotene, citrus flavonoid, lycopene, lutein). If you looking for something that is rich in deitary fibre, try this! It is only 57kca. Girls must try this!


  • Improves liver function
  • Detoxification
  • Prevents fatty liver
  • Alleviates a hangover
  • Eliminates edema
  • Improves gastrointest
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