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Monday, September 7

Sometimes I wonder, why are some of the girls bring wet tissues along wherever they go. I don't bring something like that even the normal tissues. You can never find something that call "tissues" in my bag. Girls who do not bring tissues doesn't mean she is dirty, or do not take care of hygiene. Its just that I can't find any reason to bring it along since we can get it from toilet, restaurant, car ...... or maybe friends. 

Before I get to know about all those clinical face wipes, I thought those wipe is just a normal wipe for anything, for face, for chopstick, for table and so on! That's is why I feel so wired when people use it on their face!  Thank you for those who use it to clean the dirty table, you make me feel my face is a table now. 

Skin Soul ultra soft facial towelettes is formulated with Swiss Glacier water with essential oil, antioxidant and hydrating & soothing ingredient. Basically, this facial towelettes help to removing pore-clogging impurities, waterproof make-up dirt. Which means, it can use for make up or non-make up face. For those who do not wear make-up, you may use this to clean your face in the morning or before you sleep, to clean all the dirt that might clog your pores. No artificial perfume, colour and harsh chemicals are added and paraben free!

Today, for the very first time, I use this clinical wipes from Skin Soul on my face. To make sure all see how's this facial wipe work, so I put on some make up. Please ignore my messy brown...... Take out 1 of the wipe, gently press it on your face, so that you can wipe off the makeup easily. Never rub too hard on your skin, unless you want you skin to droop...LOL

2 facial wipes for half face....Okay! My face is huge T^T

Now, as you can see, after uses 2 wipes, it takes off at least 90% of my make up, 10% for the eye part. It took of almost everything including the waterproof mascara! At least, no make-up residue was left on my pillowcase. I have a very sensitive skin, this product seems good on my skin, no redness, no itchiness. Another good thing about this wipe, it is not greasy, not oily not soapy and it does not sting!

So, here's the review for this clinical skin wipe! Yay or Nay? I really love this facial wipe. It's super convenient for person like me who always near make up and travel here and there! I really love how this wipe smell. It's so refreshing! Use this everyday for healthier skin!

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