I prefer Digi rather than Umobile. Why? ‪#‎NotKidding‬

Wednesday, September 2

I prefer Digi rather than Umobile. Why? ‪#‎NotKidding‬ There are many telco brand out there. In this post I'm going to tell you my very own story, its my own opinion. No advertorial involve. Thank you and you may continue reading.
People always say buy what you need. Well, everyone has their own need. Different people different needs. So this is how the things go.
Umobile was doing a promotion for the internet package. At that time I was using Digi. Umobile package is so attractive (cheaper price compare to Digi). I can't decide which is better. Digi or Umobile? After thinking for quite sometimes, killing my brain cells, Then, I decided to give Umobile a try. From Digi I transferred to Umobile.
Start enjoying my new telco and doing comparison. Now people are curious about my need! I NEED to play on my phone while I'm doing big business in the toilet (I believe many of you like playing phone in toilet so please don't geh geh c).
Since the day I use Umobile, my constipation problem is getting serious. I cannot roam my data in toilet. I can't paly game, I can't listen to song, I can't send text message using any apps, can't on facebook,can't read online magazines, comic and novel......
I just can't sit on the toilet bowl, look at the wall, listening to my own breath, looking at my fingers and toes....I just feel WEIRD. lmao! When I feel weird, then nothing come out, when nothing come out, it become constipation, when constipation i emo, when i emo my colleague and family also emo.....Arghhh!!
(For me) The conclusion is Digi is better than Umobile! Now only I believe "DIGI DO FOLLOW ME WHEREVER I GO"! I love you DIGI! I love you!

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  1. Wow.... I should ever never try U Mobile! Hahah... I don't want to get constipation also eh... Btw, you changed back to Digi now?


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