[FOOD REVIEW] Fish & Co, Pavilion

Saturday, September 19

When heard about Fish & Co, you know it must be something related to fish or seafood. Fish&Co is a restaurant which serve fresh seafood in pan. Their dining experience is actually inspired by simple practice of the fisherman. How cool is it huh! Last week, I visited Fish & Co at Pavilion. Large area with beautiful decoration.

Fish & Co do provide lunch meal set with affordable price! I don’t like fish. Or maybe I should say I don’t like fish with bones. I hate it when there’s fishbone inside my mouth. That’s the reason why I love eating at Fish & Co. They processed their fish, take out all the bones, and now we can eat without worrying of a fishbones.

Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken (RM14.95). Fresh vegetables and juicy chicken with delicious dressing.

Soup of the day, Fish Chowder (add-on deals RM5.95). The very creamy soup.

Artic Fish and Chips (RM17.95). I think this dish is suitable for children! Delicious and finger licking good! 

Mashed Potato (add-on deals RM3.50). I not sure about others, but I’m in love with this mash potato! It’s milky, it’s smooth. For those who don;t like milk might not like this. Hmm...

Grilled Peri-peri Pollock (RM17.95). Okay, there's raisin in the rise. 

Vongole Aglio Olio (RM18.95). The vongole mixed so well with the spaghetti and sauce. Their vongole is big and fresh. 

Grilled Salmon in Cajun Style (RM25.95). Every fish over here is fresh! The skin of this grilled salmon is crunchy! 

Spaghetti Pomodoro (RM11.95). If you lov espaghetti with tomato sauce, this is what you should try. 

Seasonal Catch with Spicy Teriyaki (RM22.95). Yum Yum Yum! The sauce is not that spicy like it gonna make your mouth keep produce saliva and your snot is keep on dripping down. NO! It’s just a normal spicy level foreveryone of you, except for kids.

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