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Last week, I joined Makan Makan Food Hunt organised by One Utama! The objective of this event is to search for the 10 restaurants (which already fixed by organiser). So, basically what we do is , we have to visit the 10 restaurants, finish all the signature dishes of the restaurant in 5 hours time! You might think 5 hours is a bit too long for you, yet we only have 30 minutes for each of the restaurant! In this post, I'm going to share with you which restaurant that we've been visited and how was the food! 

Bloggers are divided into team! The happiest thing is, mine team is formed by 7 beautiful ladies (including me! hahahaha!). We are so happy to get into the same team. We running in the mall like a small kid! Each time we visit a restaurant, our passport will be stamped! 

1st ❤  Quiznos 

Quiznos is a sandwish shop. They offers flavorful chef-inspired menu items, including toasted SANDWICHES, PIZZAS, SALADS and WRAPS! It's located at Lot G202, Ground Floor. What have we tried?

Honey Mustard Sub with Rosemary Parmesan Bread. A very juicy bread which is very suitable for children and those who do not like wheat bread, as it easy to bite! Compare to others, what I like about Quiznos is that, they cut all the ingredient thick! 

Chicken Ranch and Swiss with Wheat Bread. U understand not all of you in love with is dry and hard wheat bread. As I grow older, I love wheat bread more than those white and soft kind of bread. 

Chicken Carbonara Pizza (upper picture). Baja Chicken Pizza (below picture). Both of these pizza is so crunchy. I don't think this pizza is suitable for those who do not have a strong teeth. But, one thing I must say is that, both of this pizza smell so good! Eating pizza early in the morning is the best thing ever!

Their cheese stick is one of the MUST TRY snack! Look at how sexy the cheese is! Hey! Eat the cheese and do not play with it!

2nd ❤  Betjeman & Barton

Wanted to enjoy some tea? Or if you're looking for places for high tea, Betjeman & Barton is the best place in One Utama you should visit! They have the high quality tea leave and delicious dessert, ensure to satisfy you taste bud!

I ordered one of their recommended tea "RED TEA". Their tea smell so good! I love drinking tea. NO REFILL IS AVAILBLE! So please make sure you enjoy every sip of the tea slowly!

Hanami Gateau(RM13.90). This is a light, delicate cake that really does melt in your mouth!

Hazelnut Macaroon(RM4.50).

B & B Pure Milk Chocolate(RM4 per piece).


Bisou is famous with their colourful and cute cake! If you're sad, and trying to look for some beautiful dessert, bisou has what you need! They have variety of cupcakes.


The Library Coffee Bar not only serve coffee and tea, they also serve delicious food like pasta, sandwich and dessert. A place that can fulfill all your needs and wants! Oh wait, did I tell you their waiter is quite handsome? LOL

Earl Gray(RM9). This is the first time I take a sip on earl grey. I never thought that earl grey smell so good and I feel so comfortable after drinking it, especially after a long walk in One Utama. They even serve 1 piece of biscuit for together with the tea! 

Fish Arrabiata (RM15). This is a very spicy pasta! Yeay or nay? Yeah for me! Eating too much of cheese and carbonara pasta, is time to try some special one! Before trying this, I can't imagine how a pasta gonna taste like when it's spicy. I don't like pasta that is

Humming Ham(RM15). A pizza that look like a pie and taste like a roti cannai! This pizza doesn't taste like a pizza! It taste a bit sweet. Eating this pizza is like eating a thin egg tart. I can finish all these pizza (4 pieces) all by my own!


Anyeong! This korean restaurant is located opposite to Cold Storage. It doesn't have a large area like others restaurant do. BUT, they do have food that gonna make you licking for fingers again and again and again! There are few korean restaurant in One Utama, but I'm highly recommend this!

Odeng(RM7.80). If you watch korean drama, then you will know what this is! Odeng is one of the famous street food in Korea.

MyeongDong Topokki(RM10.80). This is so so so so spicy! If you're spicy food lover then you gonna love this! If you can't eat spicy, order extra water or prepare some tissues as you gonna sweat A LOT!

Vegetables Kimbab (RM13.00). I prefer eating this more than the normal poh piah we use eat.

Kimali(RM8.50). The fried seaweed role with Korean glass noodle. Normally, I will only get the chance to eat the fried seaweed during Chinese New Year, but now I can eat this anytime! This kimali is so crunchy! Drink more water if you eat this!


Vietnamese Restaurant! This Vietnamese restaurant has the best beef meatball noodle soup "BEEF NOODLE PHO". The beef meatball is so well-seasoned, juicy and tender! Some of you are afraid of the beef smell, but trust me, this soup noodles do not have the smelly smell that gonna make you feel sick! Pour n the chili padi and enjoy the soup noodles like there's no tomorrow! The Vietnamese noodles are like the normal char kway teow. Surrrrrrrp!


This curry house was one of the MUST TRY when it first reached in One Utama Shopping Center. Spicy lover can't wait to try out their curry rice with different spice level. So far, they only have 5 level, which I think it's not spicy at all! Their spicy is not something like chili padi which give you the real spicy that gonna make you tears, but its just a normal spice with extra black pepper... I wish their can upgrade their level, level 10 please!!  

Chicken Cutlet Salad(RM10). The perfectly cooked chicken cutlet is so juicy! Add on the special sauce made this salad much more delicious! I think the price for this salad is quite reasonable! The portion is suitable for 2 people. Don't forget to order when you're here!

Pork Cutlet Omelette Curry (RM26). The pork cutlet is so juicy and not dry! You will never get enough of this omelette egg! The texture of the omelette egg was very fluffy. What makes this omelette even more nice? The rice inside the omelette egg! Egg + rice + curry sauce = PERFECT MATCH!


A place for green tea or parfait lover! What I love about Nana's green tea is their dessert is never too sweet to eat! After spending whole day walking around, is time to have a cold dessert with the ladies. The top 2 parfait to try is "Matcha Nama Chocolate Parfait" and "Hoji Gateaux Chocolat Parfait". Both of the parfait is starting witha  layer of jelly with syrup ( matcha or hoji ) then topped with the delicious vanilla ice cream! Nom nom nom! I just can't get enough of this!


I ordered a creamy fish pesto. Only RM6 for 1 pasta! For those who is looking for budget meal during lunch hour, you should try The Little Fat Duck. Its cheap and delicous! The flavors just dance around in your mouth, not too overpowering! 


 I think most of you know about this, especially girls. I love their original flavor more! We are allowed to choose 2 topping, so i chose the peanuts and crushed oreo biscuit.   Yogurt from moo cow is made form natural ingredient! 

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