Electric Run Presented by Shell FuelSave (Part II - During Event)

Sunday, September 13

Just back from Electric Run Malaysia which happened on yesterday night ( 12th September 2015 ). Electric Run goes global, with events in over 15 countries, and this year is Malaysia turn! The Electric Run was basically a 5k rave that held at Selangor Turf Club. Can you imagine how many people is taking part in this event? There are children, teenagers and even senior citizens is taking part in this event. People from not only Malaysia but also from other countries, we are having so much fun in this event.

There so many food stall over here to provide food and drinks for everyone! Everyone is trying to get themselves some food before the run start. Mao makan apa? Aiya, apa pon boleh lah! Janji kenyang! Too much food until I don't know which to choose.  I just started to sweat the moment I stand in the crowd. Below are some photo that I took during the event. I'm not a pro "camera woman", just trying to capture down the beautiful moment and share with those who did not attend yesterday! Enjoy and please don't judge me! 

Before the race start, all of us gather at the starting point, we dance and we sing together! It's such a wonderful experience for me! We all get even more excited when the dancer in LED suit showing some of his moves! I can't really express how I feel yesterday night! It's really really awesome! I feel so relieve after the shouting for whole night! We bring on the illuminating lights, neon gear, and those crazy bright colors, let's party!

There were so many neon umbrella hanging on the trees. Everyone is taking photos. Who cares about the race. Everyone is enjoying the music and beautiful lights. 

This is the best part of the night! Tunnels with dancing patterns and figures on the walls! Everyone is standing inside the tunnel, screaming and singing around! I should get myself some neon drawing on my room's wall, maybe?  

Who doesn't get thirsty especially after shouting and laugh for such a long time? Free flow of Milo, Red Bull and mineral water is really for us! 

Finally, we finished the 5km rave. Arghh!!! They should make it to 10km! We need more music man! We are so excited and thinking of go back to the starting point and walk for the second round! You must be thinking we are crazy, but who doesn't get crazy on that night? You should join and and experience yourself!

Few more steps and we gonna reach the finish point!

So, I spent 2 hours for 5km. Don't laugh at me. We spend too much time on taking selfie and dancing during the event! 

I hope electric run is coming back to Malaysia again next year. Definitely going to join it AGAIN! I hope you enjoy my photos, and make sure you join if they are coming back again next year! 

 photo _meitu_2_zpsmfvkpxq4.jpg


  1. I was there too but I am way front then you. Its so fun that my camera out of battery.

  2. Gosh that looked like so much fun... you all had such an amazing time... hehehe

  3. it looks like very enjoyable. Nice time u had

  4. Didn't see you there hahaha! Hmm we enjoyed the run and hope to join again in future :)


  5. Healthy event there. So cool to run at night with the setups


  6. I didn't went this event, but it really sounds like a lot of fun!


  7. They seriously put a lot of work into the deco there, music lights and running that's all the best things in life

  8. Looks like fun. Too bad I missed this one.


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