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Monday, September 28

Still looking for a good place for Baba Nyonya food? Come, let you show you a place, Restaurant Big Baba, a peranakan wee family cuisine. Nonya cooking is the result of blending Chinese ingredients with various distinct spices and cooking techniques used by the Malay/Indonesian community.

The bright colour wooden door makes the restaurant easy to find! It doesn't have the modern design for the outer part of the restaurant. They keep it vintage, old school and special.

I've fall in love with this restaurant! The restaurant is decorated in the manner of vintage peranakan, the traditional Chinese Malays and antique-like furniture. Don't worry they provide air-cond. 

Pong Teh is actually a Nyonya chicken and potato stew. Generally, it's a chicken stew cooked with potatoes. Suitable for children and elder people as the chicken and potatoes are soft. You don'e need to struggle when you're eating it!

Pong Teh RM26  (Braised potato chicken)
This is the dry type curry chicken. I prefer eating this type of curry than those will too much kuah. With only this, I can eat 3 bowl of rice. Nom nom nom. Not very spicy, chicken is soft and moist! 

Curry Debael RM26 (Curry Chicken)
Who love terung?  This delicious cuisine uses eggplant for the basic ingredients. For those who love eggplant, you definitely going to fall in love with this! The eggplant has absorb all the sauce, the moment you bite on the eggplant, the sauce just squirt out!

Terung Masak Tempe RM12
Ahhh!!!! I love petai! When petai meet prawn, PERFECT! I couldn't understand why some of the people hate petai! For me, petai smell so good! This sambal petai udang is salty, sweet, sour and spicy. The prawn is fresh so fresh! I can eat this everyday!

Sambal Petai Udang RM26
This dry-braised beef rendang is extravagantly rich. This rendang beef smells incredible. 

Beef Rendang RM26
 Otak Otak is one of my favorite snacks. I use to eat this whenever I visit Malacca. The portion of this otak otak is quite small. Not sure about you but it definitely not enough for me. 

Otak-otak RM12
Jiu hu char is a dish of stir fried turnip.  Jiu Hu Char is a one popular nyonya stir fry dish. The turnip is so soft and moist.

Ju Hu Char RM12  (Stirred turnip)
Itik Tim is basically a salted vegetable duck soup.  If you love salted vegetable, then you gonna in love with this. Dinner is never complete when there's no soup! This soup taste so good. Not too salty, I still can smell the duck in the soup. 

Itik Tim RM26   (Soup)

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