Baba Nyonya Food : Restaurant Big Baba

Monday, September 28

Still looking for a good place for Baba Nyonya food? Come, let you show you a place, Restaurant Big Baba, a peranakan wee family cuisine. Nonya cooking is the result of blending Chinese ingredients with various distinct spices and cooking techniques used by the Malay/Indonesian community.

The bright colour wooden door makes the restaurant easy to find! It doesn't have the modern design for the outer part of the restaurant. They keep it vintage, old school and special.

I've fall in love with this restaurant! The restaurant is decorated in the manner of vintage peranakan, the traditional Chinese Malays and antique-like furniture. Don't worry they provide air-cond. 

Pong Teh is actually a Nyonya chicken and potato stew. Generally, it's a chicken stew cooked with potatoes. Suitable for children and elder people as the chicken and potatoes are soft. You don'e need to struggle when you're eating it!

Pong Teh RM26  (Braised potato chicken)
This is the dry type curry chicken. I prefer eating this type of curry than those will too much kuah. With only this, I can eat 3 bowl of rice. Nom nom nom. Not very spicy, chicken is soft and moist! 

Curry Debael RM26 (Curry Chicken)
Who love terung?  This delicious cuisine uses eggplant for the basic ingredients. For those who love eggplant, you definitely going to fall in love with this! The eggplant has absorb all the sauce, the moment you bite on the eggplant, the sauce just squirt out!

Terung Masak Tempe RM12
Ahhh!!!! I love petai! When petai meet prawn, PERFECT! I couldn't understand why some of the people hate petai! For me, petai smell so good! This sambal petai udang is salty, sweet, sour and spicy. The prawn is fresh so fresh! I can eat this everyday!

Sambal Petai Udang RM26
This dry-braised beef rendang is extravagantly rich. This rendang beef smells incredible. 

Beef Rendang RM26
 Otak Otak is one of my favorite snacks. I use to eat this whenever I visit Malacca. The portion of this otak otak is quite small. Not sure about you but it definitely not enough for me. 

Otak-otak RM12
Jiu hu char is a dish of stir fried turnip.  Jiu Hu Char is a one popular nyonya stir fry dish. The turnip is so soft and moist.

Ju Hu Char RM12  (Stirred turnip)
Itik Tim is basically a salted vegetable duck soup.  If you love salted vegetable, then you gonna in love with this. Dinner is never complete when there's no soup! This soup taste so good. Not too salty, I still can smell the duck in the soup. 

Itik Tim RM26   (Soup)

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D'King Vegetarian Snow Skin Musang King Durian Mooncake

Wednesday, September 23

Mid-Autumn is around the corner! It's time to buy some moon cake for  your family and friends. I love durian, How can i miss this durian flavor mooncake?I love mooncake with rich, creamy durian meat encased in soft skin... So that it's suitable for elder people and of course children!

1 set : 4pcs in a mini polyfoam box with ice gel x 2 boxes in a gift bag (Total 8pcs / set)
* Polyfoam with ice gel able to preserve the SnowSkin Mooncake up to 12 hours travelling time in chill condition. Suitable for travelers especially oversea tourist from HK or China. All sealed with no odor during check-in flight smile emoticon. 

“Unlike most mooncakes, which utilise processed filling, D’kingz mooncake is prepared with the actual durian flesh. Once the durians arrive, we peel them and remove the flesh immediately to prepare the mooncake filling. If we wait too long, the durians would break open on its own, and the aroma and taste would be lost,” shares Simon Chin, founder of D’kingz. “Last year, our D24 mooncake was very well received, so this year, we decided to go for the most premium durian, which is the famous Musang King. The Musang King was selected for the creamy and sticky flesh, with its strong scent and flavour that melts in your mouth.”

“Another unique feature is its delicate snow skin that is light-textured yet uniquely bouncy. The snow skin also has to be thin enough to emphasize the filling but strong enough to hold it all in. The snow skin is made from a secret recipe which we have created after many rounds of trials. Our pastry chef has nearly a decade of experience behind him and he is extremely particular about perfecting the taste,” added Chin. Check out the video below of D'king's TV interview.

D’kingz has been available by telephone order in Malaysia since 2012 and caters to a list of loyal customers. The durian mooncake had really taken off in China and Hong Kong, and is a favourite amongst several celebrities there. During the official visit by President of China Xi Jinping to Putrajaya Residence in 2013, D’kingz was honoured to showcase products made from the King of Fruits, including the D’Kingz durian mooncake.

D’king vegetarian snow skin musang king durian mooncake is sold in sets of eight 60g mooncakes, at RM128 per set, although there is currently a promotional price of RM98 per set.  Delivery is free if two or more sets are purchased.

Retail Price : RM128 / set
Promo Price : RM98 / set (Last order : 25/9/2015)
* corporate gifts, above 10 sets

Last order 25 September 2015
Website :
Facebook :

To order, please whatsapp 012-664 8797 with the following format: 
<Name><Address><No of Sets><Delivery Date>


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[FOOD REVIEW] Fish & Co, Pavilion

Saturday, September 19

When heard about Fish & Co, you know it must be something related to fish or seafood. Fish&Co is a restaurant which serve fresh seafood in pan. Their dining experience is actually inspired by simple practice of the fisherman. How cool is it huh! Last week, I visited Fish & Co at Pavilion. Large area with beautiful decoration.

Fish & Co do provide lunch meal set with affordable price! I don’t like fish. Or maybe I should say I don’t like fish with bones. I hate it when there’s fishbone inside my mouth. That’s the reason why I love eating at Fish & Co. They processed their fish, take out all the bones, and now we can eat without worrying of a fishbones.

Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken (RM14.95). Fresh vegetables and juicy chicken with delicious dressing.

Soup of the day, Fish Chowder (add-on deals RM5.95). The very creamy soup.

Artic Fish and Chips (RM17.95). I think this dish is suitable for children! Delicious and finger licking good! 

Mashed Potato (add-on deals RM3.50). I not sure about others, but I’m in love with this mash potato! It’s milky, it’s smooth. For those who don;t like milk might not like this. Hmm...

Grilled Peri-peri Pollock (RM17.95). Okay, there's raisin in the rise. 

Vongole Aglio Olio (RM18.95). The vongole mixed so well with the spaghetti and sauce. Their vongole is big and fresh. 

Grilled Salmon in Cajun Style (RM25.95). Every fish over here is fresh! The skin of this grilled salmon is crunchy! 

Spaghetti Pomodoro (RM11.95). If you lov espaghetti with tomato sauce, this is what you should try. 

Seasonal Catch with Spicy Teriyaki (RM22.95). Yum Yum Yum! The sauce is not that spicy like it gonna make your mouth keep produce saliva and your snot is keep on dripping down. NO! It’s just a normal spicy level foreveryone of you, except for kids.

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Skin Shield by Skin Soul

Friday, September 18

Skin Shield is an all-natural skincare range formulated in Switzerland. Skin Shield products is made from pure organic Ashitaba and a fusion of other precious botanical extracts with powerful benefits that work in synergy for ultimate skin renewal in the kindest manner.

With loads and skin vitamins and minerals from organically grown Ashitaba and enriched with the lightening properties of daisy flower extracts, this all-natural formulation cleanses thoroughly but gently, while brightening and moisturizing skin for a pearly , translucent glow.

I'm not sure if this cleanser is suitable for you skin, but it is suitable doe my sensitive skin! My skin doesn't feel tight, dry or comfortable after using it. If you prefer cleanser which do not create too much bubbles. This is what you should try out!

Made from the purest extracts of organic Ashitaba laden with skin calming moisturizing and purifying benefits. This lightweight lotion gently whisks away impurities and oils that clog pores and lead to skin breaks-outs and blemishes. It restores the skin’s moisture balance after cleansing routine, and together with the Witch Hazel Extract, helps to minimize the appearance of pores, creating a smooth, matte, healthy-looking skin restored to its natural pH.

One thing that I really look into it when choosing a lotion is the thickness of the lotion. I hate to apply something greasy and sticky on my face! It's like my skin is creating more oil than it use to be. This lotion is so light and non greasy. 

Enriched with potent antioxidants from Ashitaba, this powerful serum targets ageing at the core by infusing nutrients into the deepest layers of the skin to help restore skin elasticity and firmness. Active polyphenols and flavonoids in Ashitaba play a role in preventing the progression of cumulative damage from free radicals and environmental aggressors, particularly sun damage. It contains a cocktail of natural ingredients combined with potent blends of bio actives. It contains peptides and essential collagen to replenish lost moisture for a supple, fair and lifted skin.

This 12-in-1 base cream combines the benefits of skin care and makeup, as it:
1) Hydrates and protects skin 2) Unifies complexion 3) Brightens up skin 4) Evens out skin tone 5) Conceals and corrects blemishes 6) Fights the signs of aging 7) Protects skin from UV rays 8) Strengthens skin health 9) Soothes skin irritation 10) Fends off free radicals 11) Stimulates skin rejuvenation 12) Imparts radiant glow to facial countenan

OK. This is one of my favorite! This day cream works like a BB cream. It helps to cover the blemishes on skin and brighten up our skin tone! This product is awesome! My skin look so natural after apply this on my skin. My skin still feel so refreshing after applying a layer of this day cream on my skin. It hydrates and protects skin instead of creating cakey face like what others day cream did! 

With loads and skin vitamins and minerals from organically grown Ashitaba and enriched with the lightening properties of daisy flower extracts, this all-natural formulation cleanses thoroughly but gently, while brightening and moisturizing skin for a pearly , translucent glow.

Apply every morning and evening on pre-moistened face and neck. Lightly massage to detoxify skin. Rinse with lukewarm water. Skin feels hydrated. Tone and pat dry. Follow with day or night skin care.

For more info, log on to :
SkinSoul Pacebook Page
SkinSoul Official Website

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Electric Run Presented by Shell FuelSave (Part II - During Event)

Sunday, September 13

Just back from Electric Run Malaysia which happened on yesterday night ( 12th September 2015 ). Electric Run goes global, with events in over 15 countries, and this year is Malaysia turn! The Electric Run was basically a 5k rave that held at Selangor Turf Club. Can you imagine how many people is taking part in this event? There are children, teenagers and even senior citizens is taking part in this event. People from not only Malaysia but also from other countries, we are having so much fun in this event.

There so many food stall over here to provide food and drinks for everyone! Everyone is trying to get themselves some food before the run start. Mao makan apa? Aiya, apa pon boleh lah! Janji kenyang! Too much food until I don't know which to choose.  I just started to sweat the moment I stand in the crowd. Below are some photo that I took during the event. I'm not a pro "camera woman", just trying to capture down the beautiful moment and share with those who did not attend yesterday! Enjoy and please don't judge me! 

Before the race start, all of us gather at the starting point, we dance and we sing together! It's such a wonderful experience for me! We all get even more excited when the dancer in LED suit showing some of his moves! I can't really express how I feel yesterday night! It's really really awesome! I feel so relieve after the shouting for whole night! We bring on the illuminating lights, neon gear, and those crazy bright colors, let's party!

There were so many neon umbrella hanging on the trees. Everyone is taking photos. Who cares about the race. Everyone is enjoying the music and beautiful lights. 

This is the best part of the night! Tunnels with dancing patterns and figures on the walls! Everyone is standing inside the tunnel, screaming and singing around! I should get myself some neon drawing on my room's wall, maybe?  

Who doesn't get thirsty especially after shouting and laugh for such a long time? Free flow of Milo, Red Bull and mineral water is really for us! 

Finally, we finished the 5km rave. Arghh!!! They should make it to 10km! We need more music man! We are so excited and thinking of go back to the starting point and walk for the second round! You must be thinking we are crazy, but who doesn't get crazy on that night? You should join and and experience yourself!

Few more steps and we gonna reach the finish point!

So, I spent 2 hours for 5km. Don't laugh at me. We spend too much time on taking selfie and dancing during the event! 

I hope electric run is coming back to Malaysia again next year. Definitely going to join it AGAIN! I hope you enjoy my photos, and make sure you join if they are coming back again next year! 

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