What To Do In Thistle Hotel, Port Dickson

Saturday, August 8

During a boring weekend, someone suggested to go for short weekend gateway at Port Dickson. While we driving, we are so excited on what should we do in Port Dickson since this is not the first time we went to Port Dickson for short trip.

Once we reach, I was so impress with the swimming pool that they have.  There is Jacuzzi and pool bar for adult to enjoy. The water level of the swimming pool is so deep which I don't think others hotel have!

Besides the swimming pool for adults, they also have a outdoor resort swimming pool with Kid’s Wet Play Zone, grrr......just wish that I am still a kid.

Beside this swimming pool, they do have a infinity pool. Beside the pool, there's a bar. Watch sunset in this infinity pool, hmm....the best evening ever!

In the morning, they have a programme for the guests which need to be pre-register to participate. The programme start at 7a.m. The guide will bring the guest for a morning walk at the “Eco-park” which has a lot of different plantation such as mango, cempadak and other tropical plant. The guide will explain on the benefits and types of plants. Right after that, will proceed to the beach to “harvest” the reward which the hotel have put the net in the sea. If good luck then may have fishes or crab. If bad luck will only have rubbish or nothing at all.

For a team-building exercise with a difference, bring your people to their Certified S.W.A.T camp, where our experienced trainers will put you through a series of challenges designed to boost confidence and motivation.

When we walk along the beach, there are many small fishes and crab. Thistle actually have a selection of water games available such as kayak and Jet Ski. 
Jet Ski (15 minutes ride) - RM100
Jet Ski (30 minutes ride) - RM200

There are even “Giant Snake & Ladder” & “Giant Chess & Checkers”. Just how happy am I playing my childhood board games.

If you are not an out-going person and prefer in-door activities for your kids. There have a lot of in-door activities such as LEGO playroom, interactive room (Wii console free of charge), sand art playroom, Karaoke and Movie room. I enjoy interactive room the most.

They have table tennis, bicycle tracking, tennis and gym, For the sports enthusiasts, the leisure 9-hole golf course will lift up your day!

They even have Spa which you can relax and enjoy the treatment after a tiring day. Santai Spa has two rooms for couples, two individual rooms, a mini-pedi foot massage room and a women’s room complete with sauna and lockers.

Last but not least, if you're visiting Thistlle Port Dickson with your family, on every Sunday, they even have family competition on some games such as “crazy golf” where they use umbrella as the golf wood to hit the ball. This help to build a close relationship with your family member!

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