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Tuesday, August 11

If you're looking for fine dining in Port Dickson, then you should check GLASS RESTAURANT in Thistle Hotel out! Too many good food in Port Dickson, but if you're looking for the quality one, Glass is where you looking for! Enjoy food in a nice environment restaurant with reasonable price!

Glass is the Italian themed restaurant at Thistle Port Dickson Resort. The fashionable decor and tasteful setting sets the mood for a delightful experience; the professional and courteous service that will put you at complete ease; the impressive variety of international wines from our cellar, all of these come together to provide you a special brand of satisfaction.

 Pronounced Zoo-pa d Foon-gee. Is a mushroom soup with cheese sticks. I know some of you do not love cheese, instead of saying it as a cheese stick, it more likely a bread stick. The cheese stick is so crunchy, nom nom nom...... The mushroom soup is so rich, creamy and delicious. 

Tomato Brochettes - RM10
Chopped tomatoes served on Italian bread. The bread is crispy on the outer part of the bread. Trust me, you will never get enough of this. The bread has been cut into one bite size. This unique combination look so attractive. 

It's a chicken breast grilled and yellow cream sauce with vegetables and served with mashed potato. I'm a huge chicken breast lover, and I found this dish really really delicious! They used boneless, skinless chicken breast which I think it's a great choice. The sliced chicken breast is so juicy and they can't be beat! Yellow cream sauce is never gone bad when it comes to a combination with chicken. Try this if you're a chicken breast lover! 

Baked salmon served with chefs vegetables, mashed potato and sweet bell pepper sauce. The salmon is juicy, flaky and delicious. This recipe is well pair with the mashed potato. The salmon taste crazily delicious with the sweet bell sauce. Best bell sauce I've eaten so far, it doesn't taste bitter at all! 

This is a warm oven-baked dark chocolate pudding cake.This tortino caldo portion is a bit small. Even a children is able to finish this! Calories? No one care about the calories especially when the warm chocolate in front of us! A scoop of vanilla ice cream right beside the chocolate pudding. I just don't get enough of this, i need MORE!

1 dessert is never enough, so we ordered another dessert , the coffee coated layered sponge cake, with mascarpone cheese filled in a chocolate cup. It taste so sweet with a slight alcohol presence. It might not suitable for small kids, but definitely a  must try dessert if you love the combination of alcohol and tiramisu. The layered sponge cake is so sexy, light, airy and soft! It literally melt in your mouth! 

Do visit Glass Restaurant in Thistle Hotel  if you're looking for fine dining experience in Port Dickson! 

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