Penang Food Hunt : Purrfect Cat Coffee 猫之屋

Monday, June 1

I love Penang. Penang is the pearl of the orient which is not only famous with wall painting, foods but also with various type of cafes! I was looking for something special in Penang, then I come across with this Purrfect Cat Cafe which located at Jalan Muntri!  After walking for so long under the hot sun, I can finally sit down to rest my feet ( sakit kepala wey after walking for so long ) . 

This new cat cafe will combine three of your favorite things: cats , food and shopping. The ground floor of the cat cafe is a souvenir shop. Cat toys and cat themed souvenirs are also available for sale. What I can say is, the souvenirs are not cheap, you can find something similar with lower price out there. Hmm, some of their souvenirs are old and dirty, don't think they worth the price. Nothing special on the ground floor, cuz the cats are on second floor, meow~ 

To play with the cats, you need to spend RM18 each person. You can either order food, drink, dessert or buy any souvenirs. As long as you spend RM18 each of you. One person RM18, two person RM36, three person RM54 ...... I don't think you need me to do the counting for you right. So my friend ordered a parfait and I bought myself a coin purse just to make sure we reach the minimum spending requirement. The parfait is way toooooo sweet!!!! 

Take off your shoes before going up to the second floor. This cafe is decorated with lots of vintage decorations, cats photos, cats themed products like mugs, pillows, floor mat, wall stickers, some quotes about cats and so on...... 

At first,  I thought there will be cats roaming around us while we enjoying our drinks. But hmm ... I'm quite disappointed after enter to the second floor .  We are not allow to hug and carry the cats. No feeding allowed! 

Cafe is divided into two sections: a cat-free cafe where we can enjoy our food and drinks, and of course a cat zone which is a cage-free play area that allows humans to interact with the cats. From what you can see from the picture below, I'm standing in the cat-free zone. Don't worry, both the areas are clean, no "cat smell" that gonna make you vomit. No flying cat hair that gonna enter your mouth! 

Decorative pillows are prepared for guests of the cafe. If you think of getting yourself one of these cute pillow, its available down stairs. They even  decorate the walls with fanciful murals and wall paintings on cat themes. They make the cat zone into a cozy living room with a number of cats strolling around. You may just sleep inside the cat zone if you want. 

Do not expect all the cats are active. Cats sleep a lot and don't always want to play. Not more than 10 cats in the cat zone. I don't like cats. Cats are just not friendly to human ( or maybe just me ). Cats just don't play as rambunctiously as dogs do. BUT, by the time I enter the cat zone, looking at those cats and I'm now falling in love with cats already! 

This is Molly ( if not mistaken ). Molly has a very beautiful fur coat. Don't you think Molly look like a leopard? 

"Oopss, I farted!" 

" I'm not the type of cats you can easily understand! "

" I'm so tired, I need sleep. Meow ~ "

This is Leo! 

"What's happening out there?" 

"Hi, I'm Bear!". Bear is the coolest cat in the house! Hello, can you please turn your head and face the camera please? 

"Stop taking photos now, or I'm gonna scratch your face!"  

There was a cat sleeping on a box. Yes! That's Orange! Orange is so so so cute! I wish I can hug him and take a photo with him! But he just don't bother anyone who try to have fun with him. Sob sob. 

zzZZ.... zzZZZ... ZZzzz...

" Ughh! What's in my ear!" 

"Oh wait, why do I smell like a cheese?! Where is the cheese? Arghh!" 

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