Penang Food Hunt : Teo Chew Cendul

Friday, June 5 Lebuh Keng Kwee, Georgetown, 10100 Pulau Pinang, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

When we talk about cendul, first thing that come across my mind is  Malacca. Malacca has the best cendul in town. BUT, do you know that there's a very famous Teow Chew Cendul in Penang?  The last pit spot before we leaving Penang, the Keng Kwee Teow Chew Cendul! 

Reach there by 1pm. There was already a long queue at Lebuh Keng Kwee. Everyone is waiting for the cendul. Fairly long queue which was surprisingly fast moving! Please be patient, these guys are working very hard to make sure we all get out cendul as fast as possible... To those who are hot tempered, sabar ye...sabar... 

RM 2.50 for each bowl of cendul except you want to take away. Not everyone enjoy eating by standing under the hot sun. Well, I guess if you're Malaysian, you should've at least try once enjoying your food while standing at the road side. Not only Malaysian, even ang-mos also queuing for the cendul!  

Look at the green, sexy jelly noodles! There are some people out there who dislike the jelly noodles. Please stop hating these secy jelly noodles! Okay, i know some of you might feel disgusting while looking at those jelly noodles buy hey, they're my favourite okay? 

The cendul is not too sweet just nice for a hot day. I think this cendul is much better than Melaka cendul. Melaka cendul is way too  sweet. I can't even finish one small bowl of it. For Malacca's cendul lover, this cendul might taste a bit weak for you. It doesn't taste as rich as the Malacca's cendul .

The cendul was so good! I loved the texture of the jelly noodles and the taste of the coconut milk. I enjoyed my cendul under the hot sun! Fooh! What's better than eating ice under the hot blazing sun? Look at those sexy kidney bean... ... They are so delicious, the texture of the jelly noodles was springy. I took a bite on the big kidney bean, and let it squish between my teeth.. Woo Hoo!!!! 

In case you're tired of standing, they do provide a proper seating place or maybe I shall call it a "shop", which is just  few steps away from the stall. The temperature in the shop is even warmer,  with no air movement, I feel like I can't breathe... My face, my neck even my arm are full of sweat. The air flow of the shop is bad, still there are some young people (lebih kurang 8 people) standing infront of the shop, blocking the fresh air coming in, and keep showing me their butt. Hello, can you please find a better place to stand? at least don't block the only space for people to walk. please la abang and kakak tersayang...........

We ordered asam laksa. Sour soup without any spicy taste. I wish I can add in some chili padi. LOL. I thought there should have some fish meat in asam laksa, but it seems like no fish meat inside the soup, or maybe the fish meat been has been shredded into tiny pieces until I can't even taste it.... If you're looking for sour but not spicy asam laksa, you may give this a try. 

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