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Monday, June 15

Shopping time! I love online shopping, especially buying from oversea! If you do online shopping you should know how I feel whenever I receive the parcel. Bahaha! People always said : Online shopping is insecure especially overseas online shop. Today I’m going to introduce you a platform where you can shop from several overseas online shop and ship them to your address with high security. 

SHOP and SHOP (SnS) is an international shipping service that allows you to shop from the US, the UK, China, Turkey, UAE, India, South Africa, Hong Kong, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Singapore, Canada and Malaysia and then deliver it to you at rates you would simply love.

SnS is currently available in over 60 destinations around the world, so it’s no surprise that thousands of shoppers around the globe are SnS lifetime members. 

Register and log in! After log in into SnS account, you can see there’re many address shich listed under the “My Address” column. Different country different address. HOW THIS WORK? Let’s say you buy something from ALIEXPRESS , you should key in ANY ADDRESS as listed in the SnS NOT YOUR OWN HOME ADDRESS. You living in Canada then key in the Canada address that SnS given to you!  If you living in Malaysia then key in the Malaysia address that SnS given to you! Only give your home address to SnS not the Shopping website ya! ( i know its a bit confuse, continue reading and I’ll shown you how )

*TO ALL SHOPPING WEBSITE : key in address that given by SnS ( if you’re in Malaysia choose the Malaysia address don’t choose the US one). Make sure you add in your account number “KUL .....”

*TO SnS ACCOUNT : put your own home address

The reason to do this is because the parcel will send to the Aramex Collection point ( SnS address) then only they send to you (your home). 

Start Shopping! Click into Feature -> Shopping Directory. There are 15 countries where to can choose from. If you’re looking for FOREVER 21 the you may choose CANADA. If you’re looking for Aliexpress and you may choose China. This two shop is my favourite to shop! Hahahaha! FOREVER 21 always having sales, many things are going to be so cheap! 

I chose Aliexpress. So i log in to Aliexpress, buy whatever i want. NOW YOU SEE, HOW DO I KEY IN MY ADDRESS (the SnS address not my home address). Again, if you buying from Malaysia then key in the Malaysia address, If you buying from Singapoer then key in the Singapore address. 

YOU CAN NOW SIT AND WAIT FOR YOUR PARCEL. (eat popcorn, do shopping, go dating with your bf... Continue your daily life as usual. Don’t gan jeong, relax).

You will receive a notification (cheack your email) once your parcel reached your SnS address. After that, log in to your SnS account again, you can see the product list that reached SnS address. 

There’s a shipment number for each of the parcel. Click into the shipment number, then you can track your shipment. 

What I feel about SnS : For me, SnS is a platfrom which bring convinient to me. You might get a little bit confuse at the beginning. But once you do it for the forst time, you gonna fall inlove with it! I can now buy anything form oversea without worrying about my parcel getting lost! The only thing I need to worry is about the seller. Make sure you find the reliable and honest seller. Once the seller send out the parcel and reach our SnS address. There’s nthing to worry about. You can track your parcel at anytime anywhere. SnS app is available for download now! Definitely going to shopping with Shop and Ship again!

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  2. Thanks for sharing! Very informative ya :D

  3. Hi dear,

    I just want to ask is there any other sites or person to help me delivering my parcel from AliExpress.com.
    Because this SNS is too costly,rather I would choose EMS service from AliExpress itself,they are charging the same.


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