Weekend Getaway : 2D1N at Lexis Port Dickson

Wednesday, April 22 Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

It weekend again! Woohoo! There are so many amazing places in Malaysia where you can spend your weekend alone or with your loves one! Weekend getaway is perfect to fix for when you need a couple of days to de-stress outside the city. Where did I go for my short weekend getaway? Yeah, the Lexis Port Dickson! Lexis Port Dickson is famous with their water chalet, continue reading for more pictures..............

Checked in at 3pm. The hotel lobby smell so good! Even their toilet smell good! Choosing the right fragrance is very important as it might affect customers mood. Bahhh...I love the essential oil so much! Its not Lavender, its not lemongrass...grrr...i don’t know how to describe the smell, it just make me feel so comfortable and relax. 

To get to our room, you can enjoy the buggy service right in front of the hotel lobby. As long as you’re lazy to walk to, buggy service is always ready for you. 

This is how the the walkway outside the room look like. It might be a bit hot, but who cares? Walk or take buggy? I prefer walking, since i pay so much already I should make sure that I visited every corner of the resort, take selfies! 

You might feel a bit weird to the bold pattern of the room. You gonna step into the bathroom first before you step into your  bedroom. Think in different way, do you think it looks better when the bathroom is facing the sea?  

Bathroom with inspiring design and decor ideas. There's a big bathtub which can fit 3 person ( if you're thin enough ) together with a pack of bath salt. This is the best bath salt I ever use (provided by hotel. They were so pretty and smelled so good. Fill the bath tub with water, pour the bath salts into the bath. The fragrance will be released into the steam, baaahhh...you can smell it even you're in the bedroom.

They got everything you need. Toothbrush with toothpaste, sanitary bag, hand soap, bath soap, shower cap, shaver kit, mouth wash...

There's a solid glass panel on the floor for viewing of the sea below ( the solid glass in the toilet ). LOL! I dunno why its in the toilet ... but erm ... still enjoy looking at the glass with naked (shhhh). 

What do I saw? Inilah dia...

The room is clean and pretty big with big bed , television, high ceilings and gorgeous decor. It was absolute luxury. The bed, the pillow and the comforter are comfortable. There's a daybed in our room, so you can sleep at any where you want. LOL

And the amenities in the room were great.  It has good TV with multiple channels. They also have offered high-speed internet access to guests in their rooms!

Each water chalet do has their own balcony. Take a look at the water every morning, evening and night, the sea level change by time to time. Below are the view that you going to see at different time. 

Morning View

I love the view in the morning. 

Evening View

Night View

The view from the balcony of the beach was really nice (night time LOL). This is the view from balcony while we’re enjoying our favorite drinks. We grab something ,sitting in the balcony and taking in the cool breeze. How good it would be if there’s a balcony for me to relax every night before i go to bed. We can do fishing and crabbing at the balcony of the unit, but not sure if there’s any fish under the water.

Theres a small swimming pool. I don’t think it can fit all the hotel guest. Few chairs are placed beside the swimming pool. They even build a shelter for guest to put their stuff , ao so that they can enjoy some food after swimming. 

After a very comfy undisturbed night's sleep we went down to the breakfast. Hmm... I really enjoyed their breakfast buffet spread. The buffet breakfast gives a lot of choice. Breakfast buffet included cereal, bread, croissant, local food (nasi lemak, kari ayam, chao kuey toew, nasi goreng... ) and western food of course. Everything is perfect until I saw a fly keep flying around my table...grrr 

We went to the beach , 3 minutes walk from the hotel lobby. Many people were there to enjoy their early morning swim. The water is murky and when I stand in it , I can't see my feet. 

Rating (*based on my own experience)
Cleanness : 9/10
Food : 10/10
Customer Service : 9/10
Facilities : 9/10
Price : 7/10

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