Water Mochi at Minamotonoya Cafe 源の屋

Tuesday, March 24

Read so much good review about the water mochi at  Minamotonoya Cafe 源の屋. I don't really like mochi. The first thing when i think of mochi, is the stickiness texture of mochi and how it stick on my teeth! But then, I saw the sexy water mochi on facebook, and I decided to give it a try!

This cafe is somewhat hidden in Sri Petaling area. Get down from your car and walk around, if not you'll not able to find the cafe. The cafe is a bit small, can't really fit in to many people. Make sure you visit earlier or else you need to queue for quite a long time to get yourself a table. 

Walking into the restaurant, we were greeted with a cozy and warm ambience. BUT, when the cafe is packed with people..................its so noisy! I feel so uncomfortable! I don't understand why people use to shout even the people sitting in front of them. Arghh!

I love this sitting at this corner. This is the only sitting corner that looks so different! Very comfortable + special chair, with a tiles wall as background. I fall in love with those hanging flower pots on wall! 

The tofu cheese cake. RM 9.90.  I have to say this tofu cheese cake doesn’t taste good at the first bite, BUT after a few bites, but after a few bites, there’re some chemical reaction happened between the tongue and the saliva, which make the cake taste so good! ONE MORE CHEESE CAKE PLEASE! 

So, this is the famous water mochi! I know, it's just a normal water jelly on a unique, cute plate. But hey, who doesn't like cute things? The water jelly looks like a big water drop! The jelly taste so good when it mixed with brown sugar and caramel sauce and some roasted soya beans powder! RM 6.90 for one water jelly. I wish I know how to make water mochi, feel so regret to finish the mochi! 

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