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Been using Philip's Visa Pure for quite some times. Philips Visa Pure has become 1 of the must have cleansing tool for my daily skincare routine! Been writing about my experience of Visa Pure after using it for 1 month (you can read it ''HERE").  Since it has been quite sometimes, is time for me show you my changes after 5 months of using it! 

In case you don't know about what Philip's Visa Pure is, you can check it out "HERE". I've tried several type of cleansing tool in the market. PHILIPS Visa Pure is definitely in my top 3 list! I bring it to anywhere I go, always make sure my skin is clean. Didn't use Visa Pure for 1 day and I feel my skin is so dirty! 

Water proof. Can use it during shower ( good for those who keep say no time for deep cleansing ). Drop in into bath tub? Small case la~  Elegant design. ( I love the outlook of the product, just a huge pencil ) Convenient. ( I can bring it to anywhere even i go for a trip ) Super Soft Brush. ( The brush head for normal skin is soft. BUT the brush head for sensitive skin is softer. )

Some people out there are still wondering how this thing work and doesn't it really give good result? Visa Pure has two speeds setting. Press 1 time for the normal speed, press 2 times for faster speed. Faster speed is recommended for makeup remover. 

Change areas after 20 seconds across three zones: T-zone, left cheek and right cheek. After 1 minute programme. PHILIPS VisaPure automatically switches off to prevent overtreatment. 

While the brush is spinning, it actually helps to clean the pore and the vibration help to "push" out all the dust and substance which tend to block your pores. VisaPure works with THE ONLY CLEANSING SYSTEM IN THE WORLD - Dual Motion technology. The brush rotate and vibrateacross skin to lift dirt and impurities. The rotating movement sweeps the impurities away, the skin is deeply cleansed. The vertical motion provides a comfortable massaging effect, improving microcirculation. 

Visa Pure silky soft bristles easily reach all areas. The bristle can remove all impurities over all areas hands cannot reach easily. With the silky soft bristle, you can cleanse pores in a gentle way. Look what happen if we use hand to wash our face? Hands can't really clean all the impurities in the pores. That's is why we need cleansing tool for cleaner skin! 

What happen if the brush is not comfortable to use anymore? Don't worry, you can buy the brush head,you can buy it individually. 3 types of brush head available for you to choose!  Normal skin replacement brush head @ RM59 , sensitive skin replacement brush head @ RM65 and exfoliating skin replacement brush head @ RM69.  

I have a very complicated skin condition. Acne + sensitive + oily + dry skin! Visa pure helped me to clean my face effectively without creating any redness and irritating! Am now happy with my skin condition now! Right after I cleansing my face using Visa Pure, I can see my pore has been minimized! No more rough skin surface! Invest in the correct products, give your skin a new life! 

Want to know what others bloggers talk about PHILIPS Visa Pure, check this video out! 

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  1. Hey there :) Nice review of the Phillips Visa Pure. Have been looking for a cleansing brush!

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