Sunday, March 1

Been eating so much during this Chinese New Year. I think is time to clean our body and make our body healthy! Especially for people like me, who having constipation problem, always facing difficulties to discharge the body toxin. This lead to acne on skin and overweight. 

3 sachets in 1 box, only RM19.90. A healthy food which less than RM20, why not? No sugar, No Preservatives, No cholesterol, No artifical colour and flavour. For those who don't like sweet, i highly recommend this for you! Besides this, for those who don't like to eat vegetables, this is a good substitution of vegetables for you!  

Oxydrinks, selected with 22 types of good food to promote "Natural Wholefood" to all consumers. Whole food is food which is unrefined and they do not contain any added sugar, salt, trans fat, colouring, flavouring and artificial ingredients. Whole food containsa variety of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, essential fatty acids, dietary fibre and antioxidants to help promote harmony in our bodies and keep us vital.

Have a cup of Oxydrinks every morning before school or works. This is a food for a healthy body. Not a food mainly for slimming purposes. I know some people might worrying about the "vegetables smell" which most of the people don't like. But, don't worry, it smells good and you can't even smell the "vege" inside.

It doesn't taste sweet. You can drink it everyday. Except you didn't brush your teeth! 

● No sugar

● No preservatives
● No cholestrol
● No trans fat
● No artifical colours & flavours

Suitable for:

● Vegetarians
● Growing children
● Elderly people who suffer constipation
● Tummy bloat
● People with hectic lifestyles
● Quick snack/meal

Pour some hot water and stir it. Make sure your water is hot enough as  the powder does not dissolve easily. Well, I think it would be better if we shake it instead of keep stirring it. 

This healthy food can be serve in less than 2 minutes. Let's give it a try and see make your body healthier! 

Product Description

Product Name : Oxydrinks

Price : RM19.90 (3x25g)

Suitable For : Vegetarians, Growing children, Elderly people who suffer constipation, Tummy bloat, People with hectic lifestyles, Quick snack/meal

Where to buy

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